Wednesday, February 22, 2012

B. A. Baracus

This is one of my rediscovered dolls found in an attempt to relocate my Mego Diana Ross.
Galoob's 1983 Mr. T (A-Team character) doll
Mr. T., real life super hero authentic action figure of the A-Team, dressed as the character, B. A. Baracus (bad attitude). He wears several gold chains, earrings, bracelets, and molded-on rings on every finger.  Molded hair is fashioned in his signature mohawk style, which in recent years has regained popularity among boys and men. 

I remember purchasing one of these for my daughter back in the day.  I obviously wanted one later on after I began collecting dolls. He has a price tag of $28.00 attached to his left hand, probably the price I paid during the 1990s on the secondary market.   Made by Galoob, box date 1983.


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  1. Now that's funny. Your Mepo doll will reappear once you get reacquainted with your other lost dolls.

  2. I have waded through so many dolls and stirred up so much dust in this room that my sinuses are bothering me. I moved muscles that have not moved in a while by retrieving dolls from high and low places that I hadn't seen in years and dolls I didn't even know I owned. I found a couple of duplicates, too. I need to get this collection under control before it takes control.



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