Monday, June 4, 2012

Daddy's Babies™ and Hamilo, Inc

Angel Baby Celeste from the Daddy's Babies™ series, 3-1/2 inches seated

Recently, through Internet interaction, I met the CEO of Hamilo, Inc. with the following introduction:

My company is Hamilo, LLC and we own all of the existing original inventory of KVK, Inc. Daddy's Babies™ .  We have never had the complete inventory of the collection but have a large quantity of 19 lettered A, B, C, dolls of the original 26 in the set...  We also have the [Daddy's Babies™] Clowns, Angels and a few Fairy babies, in addition to the A, B, C dolls. My website is The A, B, C dolls are not on the site.

The story continues...

I became aware of the dolls around 2002 and started a small vending business just selling the dolls. I established a business relationship with Karen and Brent Germany. They are the original owners of KVK, Inc. that developed the Daddy's Long Legs ™, and Daddy's Babies ™, as well as other things. The Germany's retired and I purchased the remaining inventory from them in 2006. I thought they were so adorable I just had to provide them with a good home and share my enthusiasm with other people. My teenage son and I work together in our small business. It is a desire of his to become a business professional and this is his entree' into that career path. He is a rising senior in high school and searching for a college choice to fulfill his goal.
It is by God's grace we have been able to sustain in this economy; however, we do lack the advertisement we need to promote the business. We operate on an extremely limited budget since I am in between jobs and have been looking for a year. Please share our story and let us know if we can do anything for you!


Hamilo, LLC
From my personal collection, Daddy's Babies ™ Ollie measures 5-1/2-inches from head to toe (2-1/2 inches seated).  She is a fully jointed, resin A, B, C baby whose special letter is "O" -- of course!  Ollie has a special toy in her Daddy's Babies™ drawstring bag.

Thank you, Hamilo, Inc. for finding me and entrusting me with the story of your company.  I think the complete line of Daddy's Babies™ are adorable with sculpts that exude realism and the love that went into their design and manufacture.  While I do not own any of the larger ones, like Celeste in the first image, I have a few of the A, B, C dolls in my collection, one of which is shown immediaely above.   I use dolls like Ollie for larger dolls to hold, as illustrated below. 

Ollie is the perfect size for Mindy (the larger doll on the right) to lovingly hold.

Affordably priced, Daddy's Babies™ are nice to begin a collection as well as to use as gifts.  Please visit Hamilo, Inc. to see if any of their existing quantity interests you or click the contact link on their website for additional information. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'd wondered what happened to that original company. I have a few Daddy's Babies and Daddy's Long Legs. One I had to buy because she reminded me so much of my Aunt Edna! I'm gonna check out the new website. Thanks for sharing, Debbie!


    1. You're welcome, Yvonne! The realism is incredible!


  2. I don't own any, but I frequently visited the doll shop around the corner who had an entire section for them. They are beautiful dolls. I'm glad they were rescued by someone who cared. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome, Vanessa. I hope Hamilo Inc. finds good homes for the remaining babies.


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