Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moxie Girlz Sale Price Discrepancy @ Toys R Us

D7ana informed me of an online price discrepancy at Toys R Us.  According to this week's ad (paper and online) all Art-Titude Moxie Girlz, dolls and the car are reduced in price by $5.  All, however, does not include Sasha.

I immediately called TRU on 09.27.09 to report this.  I was told the pricing error would be corrected.  At the time of this post, the error has not been corrected. 

If you have a moment, please call Toys R Us (1-800-Toys R Us - 1-800-869-7787) and bring this price discrepancy to their attention.  $5 is $5... and this is the second time within a week that Toys R Us has not fully honored a sale*.

Thanks for the reinforcement.  Feel free to share this information with others.


*During attempts to purchase Princess Tiana dolls last week, several collectors had trouble getting TRU to honor last week's buy 2, get the 3rd Disney princess doll free.  They were told the Princess Tiana Toddler was not included in the sale.  Huh?  This almost happened to me when my three dolls (2 toddlers and 1, 11-1/2-inch doll rang up at full price).  I, however, did not leave the store without my free doll.  ◦


  1. Yay, Debbie. If Toys R Us announces a sale, they need to stand by it.

    I'll call TRU later today regarding the Moxie Girl Sasha price discrepancy. That "SAVE $10 of any purchase of $30 or more!" note is at the base of ALL of the Moxie Girls. So Sasha is on the same promotion that the others are on. So she should cost the same.

  2. Thanks D for taking the time to call TRU today.

  3. I had the same problem with Bria - all the other Moxie dolls had the sale but she rang up full price. They said she must not be on sale, just the others, and I pointed out that the sale applies to all Jammaz dolls and they fixed it in the end.


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