Friday, September 1, 2017

History Channel's Collectors Cafe

Casting Producer, Cate Burzynski, for the History Channel's newest talk show, Collectors Cafe, which is scheduled to air this spring, reached out to me regarding the possibility of having my collection of black dolls featured on the show.  

Collector's Cafe aims to highlight collectors, their collections, and the passion behind collecting. I was deeply honored by Cate's invitation to be highlighted, but declined.  With her permission, the information from the flyer about the show is copied below for any collector interested in being considered:

Links to the above emails:

To view a video about the show, visit the Collectors Cafe website.

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  1. Congratulations on receiving the request. I think I can see why you declined - aside from being busy with your own projects. It's one thing for a collector to describe herself or himself as "obsessed"; it's another when an outsider uses the verb "obsessed." The word takes on a pejorative cast ... or seems to. Like the offer is an invitation to show off our "kookiness" or something like that. And as a "passionate" collector, I do have limits - budget and space for starters. Shrug. Still, it shows how well known you are as a collector. That's good. I think it's kind of you to share the information. Thanks for doing so.

    Then again, maybe I am over-sensitive? What do you think?

    1. Hi D7ana,

      Thank you for the congrats.

      Based on the video at Collectors Cafe website, which includes celebrity collectors and the things they enjoy collecting, I don't think their show has an underlying intent to view collecting as kooky or quirky. I would never want to be part of anything like that and would not have shared the information about the show here.

      Because I am more of a behind-the-scenes doll collector, and aside from my blogs and other published works about the hobby, I would rather shy away from "that" much exposure the show might lend. Perhaps I am in my own way with this thinking, but I enjoy remaining in the comfort zones I have created for myself (and my dolls). I am sure you understand.


    2. Yes, I understand. Comfort zones are important to maintain; discretion is wise. I wouldn't want to be pointed out as "the doll collector" by strangers. Thanks for clarifying. Of course, you would not have shared the information had the show been biased against collectors. I apologize for the unintended implication that you would share such a proposal. I reacted defensively unnecessarily. I'll check out that website to see what they show. I wouldn't want to share my hobby outside family, friends, and online acquaintances either. But it might be fun to peer into people's collections. Thanks also for sharing the website.

    3. No need to apologize, D7ana.

      Peering into other peoples' collections is going to be so much fun! My DVR will be set to program all new shows.


    4. I don't get cable so I'll wait for YouTube feeds or dvd releases. Fun, fun, fun!

    5. I'm sure episodes or snippets of them will show up online after the actual air dates.



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