Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weird Dream

It's weird to dream about dolls... particularly those you do not collect. I had the weirdest dream last night that took a while to remember. But I knew there were dolls involved.

In the dream, I had taken a trip and was at an airport or other transportation terminal with my luggage, which was inspected. There were two dolls in it, types that I do not collect. I have no idea how they got in the luggage. End of dream.

This morning I inspected a box and some trash bags of stuff that I had intended to drop off at the Salvation Army Store. Instead, they will be placed on the front porch today for Arc of Texas to pick up. During the inspection, I found a porcelain doll in one box that someone gave me years ago. That doll made me remember another that someone else gave me, years ago. These were not the dolls I remember seeing in the dream, but they are types I do not collect.

I usually keep all gifts, but at some point, you just have let things go for others to use or value more. So, off to Arc of TX they must go... or eBay.