Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Corners Families

Mattel's Family Corners dolls are 6-1/2 inch dolls with a box date of 1994.  They were probably introduced to the market in 1995.  I purchased my two sets in 1996 from Toys R Us for $4.98 having been marked down from $14.99.

Family Corners dad, Kurt

Kurt is dressed in a blue and white striped shirt with plaid tie, blue pants, and black shoes.  He has an extra gray wedding tuxedo.  A baby of is included in Kurt's box. To promote the "first comes marriage before baby" tradition, the area of the box that houses the baby reads:

A Baby 
For You
"I do!"

Chapel and nursery room scenes and reusable stickers for decorating are also included in Kurt's box.

Family Corners mom, Nichelle

Nichelle is dressed in blue suspender shorts and yellow and white polka dot blouse.  A wedding gown and veil are also included along with a "doll house" with four room scenes. 

Family Corners females (top row) Family Corners males holding babies (bottom row) -- click to enlarge

On the back of each box, images of all available dolls are illustrated as shown above.  Children are encouraged to choose one of the girls to become a bride and then choose her husband-to-be.  Or, "Choose them all and make your own Family Corners neighborhood," the box instructs.

Below is a snapshot of the back of the box of the couples as paired up by Mattel (click to enlarge).

The Asian couple, Derek and Trista, and their son are next to Nichelle, Kurt, and their daughter in the above back-of-the-box cropped view of the illustration that preceded it.    

Below is a snapshot from the back of the box of a Caucasian baby girl; the babies must be about 2-1/2 to 3 inches.

Previously I thought the babies were either male or female, but according to one of the comments below posted by Dolls4Moi, all the babies are girls.  Thanks again for that information, Dolls4Moi.


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  1. Hello from Spain, in my country this collection was never for sale. The baby is very cute. I like outfits fathers is wearing. At least the guys are wearing real clothing. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta,

      The baby is cute and I like the father's clothing, too.


  2. DBG, not to spoil it but all the babies are girls. I have all the babies. I think I may have the families somewhere unless I sold them..hmm. I didn't come to like these until after they were off the market.

    1. I appreciate this info Dollz4Moi. I'd like to see your girls when you have the time.


  3. Thanks for digging deeper with the Family Corners dolls. I only had eyes for Kurt when these were on the market so I missed the others.

  4. I totally missed this collection. This is my first time seeing them. They would be perfect for the miniature house.

  5. What a neat idea and I love that each one had a different house facade.

  6. I didn't purchase any of them because of their size. I really like the babies.


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