Monday, October 31, 2016

Rock Flowers Clone? Who Am I?

Who am I?

The following note from a reader asked for doll identification help:

Hi I saw your website and wonder if you can help me? I recently acquired a black doll that looks very much like a rock flowers doll or certainly the body. Can you help me identify this doll? I would really appreciate your help... The doll has 17 and K17 stamped on the head and no other markings. 
 Kind regards

The doll is 6-1/4 inches tall with one-piece nonjointed body that looks identical to that used for Mattel's Rock Flowers dolls; however, the head is not the same.  

With the owner's permission, the photos she shared by email are shared here to solicit help from readers in identifying the doll.  Specifically, she wants to know if the doll is a Mattel prototype. Based on the manufacturer's marks and the fact that the head sculpt differs from Rosemary Rock Flowers (see next photo), I would doubt this is the case, but anything is possible.

A photo of my (preloved) Rosemary Rock Flowers doll, taken against the computer monitor displaying a photo of the unknown doll, illustrates their different head sculpts.

The unknown doll is dressed in a Topper (Dawn) fashion

If you know who made this doll, the doll's name, or any other information about it, please share the info in a comment.  Thank you in advance!

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Debbie Goes West

Made for children over three with a box date of 1981 (MCMLXXXI), this version of Debbie Goes West by Uneeda is Assortment No. 70870.  The subtitle on the box reads "The Best Dressed Doll in Town."  Could this be because of her western outfit and accessories, which consist of a brown and white gingham shirt, yellow vest, tan felt hat, chaps, fringed pouch and skirt, brown boots and lasso?

The back of the box provides the doll's name, contents description, stock or assortment number, copyright information and year, and manufacturer's name:  Uneeda Doll Company.

As seen here, a white version of Debbie Goes West exists as well.  At least one other doll with a different name also "went west."

Donna Goes West wears an outfit that is identical to the outfit worn by the white version of Debbie Goes West.  Photo courtesy of D. Spears.

I was alerted to the eBay auction for my doll by a doll friend who owns the Woolworth-exclusive, Donna Goes West.  Both versions (Donna and Debbie) were probably manufactured by Uneeda but sold through different merchants.  Based on the photo, Uneeda is not on the front of Donna's box.   According to my doll's original $3.99 price tag, marked down to $2.66, my doll was sold through YDC.

At the time I received the auction alert and asked if I was interested in Debbie Goes West, because of her name, I answered, "Yes!" I rarely see dolls named Debbie.  I own only one other, whose name is Baby Debbi (note the different spelling).  The baby doll was made by Super Doll in 1965.

Baby Debbi a 16-inch doll by Super Doll, 1965.  She arrived dressed in infant's clothes.

Baby Debbi is featured on page 276 of Modern Collector's Dolls by Patricia R. Smith and was given a 1973 value of only $10!

One additional doll that I would not mind owning but refuse to pay the secondary market value of is Debbie the Elegant Doll, which is a Barbie clone of sorts.  Her body is a bottle.  White versions of Debbie the Elegant Doll dressed in a variety of fashions were also made, but of course the black versions are the rarest and most difficult to find since fewer were made.

July 1957, yours truly at age two.

As a child of the 50s, when dressing children in cowboy and cowgirl outfits was popular, I didn't actually go west or live west, but I did follow the trend of dressing up as though I did.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Christmas Sweater Ornaments @ Christopher and Banks

Christmas Sweater Ornaments fit Barbie and Other Playscale Dolls
Regularly priced $7.95 each, these five Christmas sweater ornaments are currently on sale at Christopher and Banks for 2 for $6.

I ordered four of the five Christmas sweater ornaments that are offered this year.

When I ordered the four I received yesterday, they were $4.77 each.  At the time I ordered, shipping was free.

Like the ones C&B offered last year, these sweater ornaments are attached to a lightweight wire hanger which is removable.  The only one with a hood is the Love Joy Peace ornament with tartan plaid mock shirt at hemline.  "2016" is embroidered on back of each.  They should work as well as last year's for playscale dolls with thinner bodies, like ModelMuse.

Hurry to the site before the sale ends and/or before they sell out!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More Sparkle Girlz Fashions

Sparkle Girlz fashions

I was in Walmart recently where I checked the doll aisle to see if anything new in Sparkle Girlz' fashions was on the shelf.  This store was nicely stocked, but I only found the above four fashions of interest.  Individual photos follow:

Sleeveless top with Aztec print and fringe hem is paired with dark blue denim leggings with a pink handbag as an accessory.

This one includes a navy blue smock top with colorful V-shaped design at neckline, white leggings and pink high-heel shoes.  (In a recent post by Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures, Danielle wore this as a post-pregnancy fashion.)

Multicolored top with choker neckline, paint-splashed short-shorts, and a hot pink handbag are attached to this Sparkle Girlz fashion card.

The fourth fashion is a teal blue and black dress with black high heel shoes.
I have no immediate plans to use these or the last two Sparkle Girlz fashions purchased, but it's always good to have them on hand when a redress is desired.  Their price of less than $2 each is part of their appeal.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Black Dolls Matter®

Black Dolls Matter® playscale size T-shirts arrived well presented on white card stock inside a clear resealable envelop. 

When I retrieved the padded envelop with Black Dolls Matter written on the first line of the return address, I knew it was time for at least a couple of quick doll redresses (aka doll play).  I dropped the other letter mail onto the kitchen table and immediately went to the doll room.

Tall Barbie poses with the Black Dolls Matter® (BDM) T-shirt she chose to wear, which has pink lettering.

Barbie Fashionista #33, one of the tall Barbies, has been here since early summer patiently waiting to be deboxed and redressed.  Neither of us liked her floral screen-printed T-shirt and we both knew one of these BDM T-shirts would be much better and make a statement as well.

Happy to be deboxed and partially redressed, #33 had her ears pierced.  She wears a new pair of gold tone hoops with her new T-shirt, original denim shorts and black booties.

Let's take a close-up look at the front and back of the T-shirt:

Black Dolls Matter is printed on the front with the Andinkra symbol, Ananse Ntontan, which means wisdom/creativity as the "o" in Dolls.  The T-shirts are black with three colors available for the lettering: white, pink or purple.

They are very well made of Spandex material with surged edges and Velcro closure in back.  The back closure makes putting on and taking off much easier than pulling over the doll's head (no worries about disturbing hairstyles).  Where to buy information is provided at the end of this post.

Because the fabric stretches, curvy Barbies can wear these, too!  Emoji Barbie chose the one with white lettering, which is worn over her original dress.  She accessorized the look with #33's white wristwatch.

Making fashion and doll-market-statements, both dolls posed together for a final photo.

Where to Buy
Among other items, in a choice of three colors for lettering (white, pink or purple) Black Dolls Matter® T-shirts can be purchased for $5 each from the Black Dolls Matter® Etsy shop.  Shipping is extra.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

An American Girl Story - Melody 1963: Love Has to Win

Streaming of An American Girl Story - Melody 1963:  Love Has to Win is scheduled to begin tomorrow, 10/21/2016, on Amazon Prime Video.  Check here for supported devices.  If you are not already an Amazon Prime member, click here to sign up for 30-day trial membership.

Enjoy the video!


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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Travel Doll Janet's Final Destination

Photo courtesy of J. Bush
Travel Doll Janet's first appearance here was on March 21, 2016.  As noted in that post, the doll was purchased last year to be used this year for a travel doll event for my online doll group.  Janet remained with me until the end of March when she traveled to the next host's location.

From Texas, Janet traveled to the following cities and states and remained for approximately two weeks at each location:
  • Catonsville Maryland
  • Upper Marlboro, Maryland

(I wrote an update of her travels after her Upper Marlboro, MD visit, which can be reviewed or read, here.)  Afterward, Janet continued her travels to:

  • Mitchellville, Maryland
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Aurora, Colorado
  • Albany, Georgia and her final hosting location was in:
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

While with each host, souvenirs and other goodies for Janet were purchased.  After Janet's visits, all except two hosts* sent Janet's souvenirs to me to be sent along with her to her forever home at the end of the event.  The following images are just some of the souvenirs Janet's hosts purchased:

Souvenir's from Dallas, Texas

Souvenirs from Catonsville, Maryland (photo courtesy of the host)

Souvenirs from Mitchellville, Maryland include a handmade quilt, squares of which spell out M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D.

Authentic mini replicas of Native American items from Albuquerque, New Mexico (photo courtesy of the host)

From her last visit in Gettysburg, PA, Janet returned to me.  I hand washed her clothes and placed her back inside her original box which had remained here during her travel experience.

Janet stands in her undies waiting for her romper and socks to dry.

In this photo, she has been dressed and reattached to the box liner.

She's back in the box, all set and ready to go!

Within a week of her return to me, a number was drawn to determine her final destination. I made myself ineligible to participate in the drawing.   A video was created as the drawing took place and was thereafter shared with the participating members.  The video can be viewed next.

And the winner is... drum roll please.

Janet and the souvenirs that were mailed to me were boxed for shipping. 

The souvenirs that were mailed to me were placed in separate Ziploc bags. To help identify the hosts who sent them, a map illustrating their location was attached to the front of the bags.  Everything was placed inside the box shown above along with Janet.  She is in the tissue-paper-wrapped box.  The package was mailed on October 5, 2016.  *After the drawing was held and the winner announced, as instructed by me, the two hosts who had not yet sent their souvenirs, sent them to the final destination of Aurora, Colorado.

As an expression of my gratitude for their participation, I sent all  hosts, including the winner, a gift.
Doll pin (brooches) by Sylvia Small
Three hosts received a doll pin made by doll artist, Sylvia Small.

Doll bookmarks by Karen Oyekanmi of Kissing Kousins
The remaining five hosts received a doll bookmark made by Karen Oyekanmi, of Kissing Kousins.

Bookmark doll, photo courtesy of Cheryl B.

Upon receipt of the above bookmark, because she likes it so, the Mitchellville, Maryland host wrote, "She will never see a book as a bookmark." I own one, too, and I can't blame her!

Mini gift bag gift from one of the hosts

One of the hosts sent a mini Toys "R" Us gift bag to each host, including me, which I thought was a very sweet gesture. Both sides of the gift bag are shown in the above image.

To sum things up, this was a very doll-lightfully successful event. Every participant expressed their pleasure, which was the ultimate goal.  If Janet could talk, I am sure she'd tell you how much fun it was for her, too.

Thank you again, Alisa, Cheryl, Debbie V.,  Julia, Shawatha, Sheila, Tammy, and Teresa for participating.


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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gabby Douglas Barbie Reported to Become a Reality

At the end of the article, On Rebranding Barbie and Why Diversity Matters, by Tia S. Brown for ESPN W, Vice President of Global Marketing for Mattel Sejal Shah Miller, shares that a Gabby Douglas Barbie will be on the market in spring 2017!

I am not sure if the  Gabby Douglas Barbie was already in the making or if the petition for it led to the doll becoming a reality.  Either way, thanks, Mattel!

Hopefully Mattel will listen to those who have signed the current petition for an AA Silkstone® Ken and produce that doll as well.

Yes, doll diversity matters.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

New Post at Ebony-Essence of Dolls in Black

There is exciting news shared about Big Beautiful Dolls Dasia, published on my sister blog, Ebony-Essence of Dolls in Black.  The post can be read here.

If you are not already following EEoDiB, after navigating to the blog, click the Follow button at the top right of the page.  Thanks!


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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Returned Dolls

Twelve boxes of dolls returned from the Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Like clockwork, the conclusion of my doll exhibit at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science involved the dolls' prescheduled return to my home on September 12, 2016.  The delivery had been scheduled months in advance to take place at 9:30 a.m. on that date, but a phone call around 9:10 that morning alerted me the handlers were running ahead of schedule and would arrive shortly. I was actually on the phone with Sandra Epps, the organizer and host of The Detroit Doll Show, when I heard the beep-beep-beep of the huge, unmarked delivery truck as it backed up to parallel park in front of my house.  After concluding the phone call with Sandy, I opened the door and waited patiently while the art handlers stacked the boxes in the designated area.  They were prepared to help me unpack the dolls but I declined that offer.

From my first communication with the senior director of exhibits at the Perot, until the day the dolls were returned, everything worked as scheduled and with great precision.  Of course I would expect no less from an organization of the Perot's standing in the community.

Museum labels and souvenir card from preview and grand opening

Along with the 12 boxes of returned dolls, which had been individually wrapped in tissue paper and/or plastic with more than an adequate amount of tissue paper used as packing, I received the museum labels that had been used to describe the dolls while on display.  Additionally, the huge cloth banner  (not shown in the image above, but can be seen here) and a stack of souvenir cards containing my image, were sent along with the returned dolls.

Eye of the Collector souvenir book and note from organizers
A week or so after the dolls returned and after their return to their original or new areas of display in the doll room, I received a package from the museum which contained an Eye of the Collector souvenir book and a note signed by the senior director of exhibits and others who worked so diligently to help the exhibition achieve such great success.

The souvenir book includes each of the nine collectors' stories and images of items from their collections.

The exhibition opened on April 16, 2016, and closed on Labor Day, September 5, 1016.  By August 25, 2016, visitation had exceeded over 100,000!

Initially hesitant to participate when contacted in December 2015 about that possibility, I am now delighted I agreed.

All dolls have long been unpacked and placed back into their previous or new positions of display.  These three (Essence of Lady Sigma by Trinity Designs, Inc, the Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait Doll by Franklin Mint, and a Lifelike Michelle Obama doll by Danbury Mint) are in their original display position -- on my work desk behind my computer monitor.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Petition to Mattel for an AA Silkstone Ken

At the suggestion of a fellow Barbie enthusiast, I created a petition to Mattel to produce an African American  Silkstone® Ken in a sufficient quantity to meet the needs of the global market.  You may read the petition and sign it here.  Thank you in advance for your signatures.

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Final Eye of the Collector Visit

Yours truly standing in front of the cloth banner which was positioned in front of the display case of my dolls
My husband and I visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science on Saturday, September 3, 2016, which was the weekend before the Eye of the Collector exhibition closed.  Labor Day, September 5, 2016, was the final day.  My plan was to take additional photos of my dolls on display before the dolls' scheduled return to me on September 12, 2016.

We arrived at the museum around 10:30 a.m. and the parking lot was almost filled to capacity! Having been gifted a museum membership, parking for us was half price and the normal $25-per person museum entrance fee was free as well as the $5 per adult fee to enter the exhibition.

Mission accomplished, we took the following photos, which are not of the best quality because flash photos were not allowed.

A placard on the left and right walls of the display case indicated the rows on which dolls were placed.


The final phase of my participation in this nine-collector exhibition that ran from April 16 through September 5, 2016, would be to reincorporate the 91 loaned dolls into my collection following their return.  I had my work cut out for me.

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