Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Travel Doll Janet's Journeys To Date with Video

Photograph courtesy of Julia B.

Janet left Texas in late March and has thus far visited three separate Maryland (MD) cities with one more MD city to visit before heading to the southwest.  The three MD hosts have afforded Janet with fascinating experiences and have shared copious photos, a selection from which I am allow to share.

Her first Maryland stop was with Julia B. who gave her a grand time.  Janet visited many historical sites and took many delightful photos.  Highlights of her first day with Julia B include going to work with her, a visit to the library, and a downtown visit to Bill's Music store, which Julia has fond memories of visiting with her dad.  I enjoyed the following photo where Janet prepared for bed the first evening at Julia B.'s home.

Janet is preparing for bed after her first day with Julia B.  She's such a good girl who has neatly hung her dress in the closet.

Other highlights of Janet's visit with Julia B. include salsa dancing...
Work it, Janet; work it!

...a return trip to the library to read about historical people from Maryland...
Molly Bannaky was Benjamin Banneker's mother (he later changed the spelling of his surname).
...a later visit to the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park, and...

Can you find Janet on the replica of Benjamin Banneker's rope bed?

...attendance at the Maryland Society of Doll Collections Luncheon where Janet met a host of other doll collectors.

Janet got all "dolled" up to attend the Maryland Society of Doll Collector's Luncheon, which was held on April 23, 2016.
Janet had so much fun and she learned so much about Maryland while with Julia B.   Little did she know that she was in for more fun and learning with her next hosts.


Because MD is so close to the nation's capital, while with her next host, Alisa W., Janet had an opportunity to visit several iconic national landmarks.  She and Alisa took the Metro/subway to Washington D.C. for a fun, yet educational sightseeing trip.  It was raining during the trip, so Janet wore her rain gear.

While sightseeing in D.C., Janet visited/saw:  The National Museum of African American History and Culture (which is not scheduled to open until September 2016), the Washington Monument, the Department of Agriculture, the National World War II Memorial, and the Tidal Basin Reservoir off the Potomac River where from a distance she could see the Jefferson Memorial.  Photos of some of these historical sites follow:

Janet is at the Metro subway station -- don't fall Janet!

She made it safely to D.C. where the Washington Monument can be seen in the background.

The red arrow points to the National African American Museum of History and Culture, which will have its grand opening in September 2016.

Janet takes a break at the National World War II Memorial.

Janet is at the Tidal Basin Reservoir in D.C. where you can see the Jefferson Memorial from a distance.
One of the highlights of Janet's Washington D. C. sightseeing with Alisa W. was her visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial located in downtown D.C.  See the next three photos:
Janet is dwarfed by the sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr. at his national memorial.

Etched into the base of the stone of the Dr. King memorial statue are these words:  Out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.

Janet took photos inside the souvenir room of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial where souvenirs were purchased of her visit.

Janet and several other dolls enjoyed a pizza party before Alisa sent Janet to her next host.

Before traveling to her next Maryland host, Alisa threw a fabulous pizza party for Janet and some of the friends she met while visiting.  Based on the following video, they had a blast!!!  (In the video Janet wears a light blue floral print top and white lace socks.)  Click the play arrow to view.


Janet's current Maryland host is Cheryl B., where she will remain until later in June.

After being greeted by some of Cheryl's dolls, Janet took a field trip with second graders where they visited the National Air and Space Museum in downtown Washington, D.C.

Can you find Janet at the Tuskegee Airmen and Bessie Coleman displays at the National Air and Space Museum?

As shown in the above two photos, Janet took photos at the Tuskegee Airmen and Bessie Coleman displays.

Posed in front of mini airplane replicas
She marveled at the aviation and space artifacts she saw at the National Air and Space Museum. Later during the same week, she visited the Kennedy Center with fourth graders for a concert. Unfortunately, Cheryl was not able to take very many photos at the Kennedy Center since photos were not allowed in the concert hall.  She did manage to take the following two photos to document Janet's Kennedy Center trip:

This bust of President John F. Kennedy was at the Kennedy Center in D.C.
Janet remained on the field trip bus after making it back safely to the school from the Kennedy Center to take this photo.
More is in store for Janet while she is under Cheryl's watchful eye.  Additional updates will follow.

Thank you ladies for being such great hosts to our 2016 WLBDA Travel Doll, Polly Pockets Janet. She is one lucky little girl!

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Doll Gifts from Family and Friends

Except for two dolls, the dolls, doll clothes, and figurine shown in this post were received as birthday gifts from family and friends.

Fab Fringe Tall Barbie Fashionista #33, a gift from Son; Emojie Fun was in preorder status at the time he ordered. He said he later received a refund for $23, which he believes was from ShopMattel.   I still want Emojie Fun.

The pink box Ballerina Barbie and Made to Move Barbie were gifts from Betty A.  She wrote, "I initially wanted to purchase the Misty Copeland Barbie for both of us, but like the other historical African American doll she was sold out."

The back of the box of the Made to Move Barbie illustrates all dolls in the series.

Another gift from Betty A. was this sweet Willow Tree Brother and Sister By My Side figurine. For me they will represent my daughter and son.
The 2016 Special Edition American Girl BeForever Mini Addy had been on my wish list.  I needed her to complete my collection of all Mini Addys to date.  This version includes mini Addy, the mini book, A New Beginning, and a doll stand.  I shared my desire for this Addy with my friend, Debra R., who purchased Addy for me along with the following dolls and fashions.

This "I'll organize this maybe," dark orange, sturdy file box from Debra R. contained an assortment of goodies.

Here is a peek into the box of dolls and fashions.

These three Barbie competitors were included in the orange file box.  1970s Mini Mod by Shillman is still attached to her original card.  The two other circa 1970s Barbie competitors, marked Hong Kong on their backs, have twist and turn waists.  Upon arrival, their original plastic hair protectors were on their bubble cut hairstyles.

Head shot of the 1970s Barbie competitors, whose eyes will be repainted soon.

Head shot of Shillman's Mini Mod.  My two other Mini Mod dolls dressed in different color bathing suits in different packing can be seen here.  I also have two Maxi Mods by Shillman, seen here.  (Maxi Mod has rooted eyelashes whereas Mini Mod does not.)

These separates are from the vintage Barbie Winter Holiday #975 (1959-1963) fashion. This is one of four Barbie fashions that was in the orange file box.

Also in the orange file box:  1995 reproduction Barbie Poodle Parade (worn by American Girl Barbie), which is missing brown sunglasses with blue lenses, green closed toe heels, trophy and First Prize certificate (for her poodle).  I do not believe the fishnets were part of this fashion, but I appreciate owning them.

Separates from the 1959-1964 vintage Barbie Evening Splendor #961 fashion were also in the orange file box.  The full-length coat with fur sleeves and sheath are made of a gold and white brocade fabric. The aqua clutch is corduroy.

The last fashion tucked neatly inside the orange file box was this boxed 1996 Barbie Boutique Fashion Avenue ensemble.  The two-piece royal blue suit is made of a fleece fabric with fur collar and sleeves.  Blue pantyhose, blue heart-shaped purse, and blue pumps are the accessories.
2014 Mini Addy also includes a mini abridged book Finding Freedom.  I purchased this for myself in April.

For myself, earlier this month, I also purchased Wee Three Friends Janet to serve as a replacement for Polly Pockets Janet, the travel doll I hosted in March.  I haven't taken this Janet on any outings as of yet, but she stands ready, willing, and able to hang out with me whenever the opportunity avails itself.

The wonderful doll gifts, fashions, and figurine from loving friends and family will provide me with an extended doll fix for a while.  I will soon debox most and fully enjoy them.  Thank you Son, Betty A. and Debra R.  I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

2016 Barbie for President and Vice President

2016 Barbie for President and Vice President, Internet-captured photo

I just found out about the You Can Be Anything Barbie for President varieties of two-doll sets (thanks Susan!).  Each set includes Barbie (for president) and her vice president running mate.  This is the first time Mattel has created a Barbie Vice President.

Dolls are currently available on Amazon.  I have no plans to add a set to my collection; but if I did, it would be the set shown above and below (the same dolls out of box).  Had Mattel used a different head sculpt for Barbie, I might have purchased without hesitation.  The overused Desiree/Nicky head sculpt does not interest me.  (But I guess I could always buy and redressed another Barbie as President... just a thought.)

2016 Barbie for President and Vice President, Internet-captured photo

Four different Barbie for President and Vice President sets are shown above.  The presidential candidate is in red, white, and blue; the vice president wears a sharp yellow top, black pants, and black heels.  Both are nicely dressed, but the vice president's fashion is more fashionable.

The end of the following YouTube video provides additional information about the sets.

Here is the buy link at Amazon . com (proceed at your own risk if you prefer undamaged boxes.)  At the time of this post, I could not locate buy links from other merchants.

Good luck, Barbie!

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Making of a One and Only Toddler

This 18-inch felt doll by Karen Oyekanmi of Kissing Kousins inspired the creation of another doll.

After visiting Karen Oyekanmi's Facebook (FB) page, I fell in love with one of the dolls in her cover image. The doll was not clearly visible, but her complexion and mounds of curly dark hair caught my eye and I needed to know more about her.  The 18-inch felt doll had been made quite some time ago and had since been sold, Karen explained.

My daughter, circa 1980/1981 wearing a dress my mother purchased for her.

After purchasing a bookmark from Karen in March, with her FB cover-page doll still on my mind, I asked Karen if she could make a smaller similar doll, around 12 inches, with the same complexion and lots of curly hair. The doll was to be my birthday present from me to me.   Karen agreed and asked me how I would like for the doll to be dressed.  I sent the two following photos of a dress my daughter wore at around age 4 and asked if she could make the doll a similar dress.

These front and back views of the dress my daughter wore circa 1980/1981 illustrate the orange appliqués at the empire waist through which the now missing green satin ribbons that tied on either side had been laced.  The ribbons are visible in the above photo of my daughter wearing this dress.

Karen began making my doll in early April and shared photos of the doll-making process through which I enjoyed seeing my commissioned toddler come to life.  Some of Karen's photos follow:

She's waiting for hair, facial painting, clothing and shoes.
Look at the dress!  It is an almost exact replica of my daughter's!
Take a closer look at the fabric used for the dress.  Just like my daughter's dress, it has two little oranges at the empire waist with a green satin ribbon laced underneath.  The ribbon ties on one side.
Tried on for size; it's a perfect fit!

So much detail went into making the dress (and the doll).  The dress has a slip of contrasting colors, and matching panties.
She has a face now and it is adorable!
With her black hand made, faux leather Mary Jane-style shoes, the toddler wears lime green socks with yellow stripes and white lace accents at the ankle cuffs.

Guess what!  The completed, 13-inch toddler has her very own doll!

After I viewed the first photos of the completed doll, I asked Karen if she could possibly make a doll for her.  She already had the perfect 3-inch doll, which the toddler holds in the above image.

To better illustrate her detail, upon arrival, I took the following additional photos of my birthday doll from me to me.

I love her! 

I love her dress, too, the back of which has the orange appliqués mentioned previously.

Her separate fingers allow her to clasp them together, and her body construct allows her to stand without the assistance of a doll stand.

Isn't her little doll adorable?  No detail was spared on this one either.  Made of cloth, she has wired arms and legs.  She wears a fancy straw hat of polymer clay, a blue and white gingham dress and has painted-on white socks and black Mary Jane-style shoes.  Her little dress has ruffles in back and a large bow.  Too cute!

The toddler's certificate of authenticity verifies that "Toddler Baby" is a limited edition of one.

Added surprise extras were a blanket and pillow made by Karen that were sent along with the Toddler Baby and her doll.  One side of the blanket is cotton blend print of orange, peach and white (I love peach!); the back is made of orange felt.

Here she is, the one and only 13-inch Toddler Baby and her one and only 3-inch doll.  Have I written how much I love them both?

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