Friday, August 3, 2012

Queens of Africa Follow-up Videos

Near the end of the first video, Taofick Okoya discusses the quality of his Queens of Africa dolls, the materials used for their clothing, as well as their fully rooted hair.  While not articulated, they do have bendable knees, comparable to a basic playline Barbie.  Some had expressed concerns regarding the dolls' quality.  This video should put those concerns to rest.

In this next video Okoya continues to promote his line of black dolls created to promote self-esteem in Nigerian little girls.  If brought to the US, they would certainly do the same for African American girls as well as teach others about the Nigerian culture.  Enjoy the theme song.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these videos. The more I hear about the Queens of Africa project, the more impressed I am. I'm still trying to make that threaded hairstyle!

    1. Limbe Dolls, you're welcome! Same here... I am quite impressed about this line.

      Best wishes on making that threaded hairstyle. I know you can master it!


  2. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy the video.


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