Wednesday, March 12, 2014

She Also Needed a New Home

On the same day my little BJD by Bo Bergemann was purchased (seen here), I purchased Cecelie by Heidi Plusczok, also formerly owned by Michelle Fontenot.  Both girls arrived on the same day.

I rarely buy dolls that are 32 inches tall, like Cecelie, but how could I not fall in love with her sweet face?  Because she was formerly owned by Michelle, I warmly welcomed her into my collection as a forever reminder of her former owner.

Released in 2010, Cecelie is described by her artist as follows:
style : Afro American
size : 83 cm / 32"
edition : 120
hair : light brown curled human hair
eyes : mouth blown brown glass eyes
body : full vinyl body- head, shoulders, upper arm, elbows, waist and
legs are movable
clothing : dark pink under dress, patterned skirt, off-white blouse with
flounces, dark pink silk vest with
rich embroidery
shoes : light pink leather boots (they are actually dark pink)

Since her arrival, Cece has made herself at home and several dolls have freely extended dolly welcomes.

I love this little girl and I am glad I was able to purchase her.


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  1. She is so beautiful, like a real little girl.

  2. She is a big doll but she is a cutie. She's like me, she loves jewelry. Her little bracelet and bows compliment her well.

  3. It's hard not to love Heidi Plusczok dolls. They're realistic and beautiful at the same time. Excellent addition.

  4. April, Brini, and Raging Moon - Thank you. Heidi Plusczok ranks high on my list of favorite doll artists.


  5. Is Cece's human hair a wig or is it rooted in? Is her vinyl body squishable or hard? I'm just being nosy about her construction since she is so big.

    Also, that doll next to her looks like a young Raven Symone.

    1. Hi Muff,

      Cece's hair is a wig. Her vinyl is rigid. Most artist dolls have wigs and the vinyl is usually firm. The seated doll, Angelica, can sit or stand. She's 33 inches tall.

  6. Oh my!!! How adorable is she? She is lovely.

  7. She's lovely. Something about the nose and eyes gives her such a realistic look - at 83cm it must be like having a very still toddler around!

    1. She does appear to be about to say something or do something. Thank you for the comment, jSarie!


  8. She is beautiful Debbie! Congratulations on getting her!


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