Black-Doll Reference Books

by Debbie Behan Garrett

Book One:  In 2002, a contract was signed with Hobby House Press, Inc. to write the first full-color, Black-doll reference book ever published.   The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls (2003) contains values and descriptions of over 400 vintage-to-modern black dolls.  

Within the confines of an author's contract, the book was limited to 400 images, 20,000 words, and 176 pages.  After six months of extensive research, doll photography, solicitation of doll photographs from fellow collectors and doll artists, the manuscript was submitted and the book was published by the summer of 2003.  This long-awaited book has received an average of 5 out of 5 stars on  This title is now sold out!  Copies are available from others on

Book Two:  Black Dolls A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion, published in full color in 2008, contains 449 pages and features descriptions and values of over 1000 antique-to-modern dolls.  All paperback copies have been sold.  The electronic version may be purchased from Google Play to be read on your computer or another wide-screen device.  Purchase here.

Book Three:  The Doll Blogs, When Dolls Speak I Listen (2010) was an ultra-limited paperback that sold out immediately. It is also available through Google Play as an electronic book, as a Kindle ebook, and now is in its second printing as a paperback.

Not a traditional doll-reference book, in The Doll Blogs, dolls, both old and new, blog their experiences over a two-year period as chosen dolls in the author's extensive and quite eclectic Black-doll collection.

The reader is taken on an imaginative voyage in the doll-collecting world where the author meets and greets new dolls, reacquaints herself with old ones, and continues the passion for all as a doll whisperer, allowing the dolls to speak through her in blog-entry form.

If you love dolls, possess a vivid imagination, and enjoy combining the two, you will derive great pleasure reading The Doll Blogs, another first with regard to doll books -- written, edited, formatted, and published by the author.  Doll photography is also by the author.  Sample/buy the electronic version here, or if you are like most people who enjoy holding books in their hands, purchase the revised second-printing here.

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A glowing review of all works by Paulette Richards, Ph.D. can be read here.

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