Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Want a Black One!

Madame Alexander’s 2005 Stiletto’s dolls included Kikki and Sami. A blonde doll, Nikki, was also part of this 9-inch, all-vinyl, play doll line.

In late-2006/early-2007, I purchased Kikki and Sami for $5 each specifically to deepen their complexions.  Using a mixture of tan and brown Rit dye and boiling water, I accomplished this task to my satisfaction.  Surprisingly, Kiki's hair color did not change.  Sami's original, near-black hair is now brunette.

Kikki and Sami after their dye baths

dbg ◦

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  1. Applause! Way to go, Debbie!

    The dye "took" beautifully. Love the look of your "new" girls. Their rounded child features just allows them to go as ethnic dolls.

    They don't look Barbie-scale although I might have thought they could fit in by their height. They look broader though. Still they are very cute. Congrats on making them as you would have them!


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