Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Want a Black One!

Madame Alexander’s 2005 Stiletto’s dolls included Kikki and Sami. A blonde doll, Nikki, was also part of this 9-inch, all-vinyl, play doll line.

In late-2006/early-2007, I purchased Kikki and Sami for $5 each specifically to deepen their complexions.  Using a mixture of tan and cocoa brown Rit dye and boiled water, I accomplished this task to my satisfaction.  It took only 5 minutes or so for the dolls' complexion to deepen in the dye bath immersion.  Surprisingly, Kikki's hair color did not change.  Sami's original, near-black hair is now brunette.  The whites of their eyes darkened.  I repainted that area with white acrylic paint and reblushed heir cheeks.  Nothing else was required to achieve their new warm brown complexion.

Kikki and Sami after their dye baths



  1. Applause! Way to go, Debbie!

    The dye "took" beautifully. Love the look of your "new" girls. Their rounded child features just allows them to go as ethnic dolls.

    They don't look Barbie-scale although I might have thought they could fit in by their height. They look broader though. Still they are very cute. Congrats on making them as you would have them!

  2. Wow!!! Who knew that Rit Dye would do the trick! I collect primarily dolls of color but, while thrifting, I see bags and bags of Caucasian dolls. It's great to know that I can pick up a few and save some money while staying true to my collection. Thanks loads!

    1. Yes, you can dye "soft" vinyl dolls using Rit dye. The softer the better because the vinyl will absorb the dye. Plastic -- particularly hard plastic, like that used for Barbie bodies will not absorb the dye. Their soft vinyl faces will absorb it. It is best to play around with thrift store finds to test the "dye" waters and learn what not to do on dolls you don't mind experimenting with. Good luck!



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