Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a boy; no wait, it's a girl!

After several weeks of anticipation and expectation, a fellow doll enthusiast received a new bundle of joy, a reborn doll made using the Ava Raine doll kit by Laura Tuzio Ross <---(scroll down at this link to view).

In order to help this new mom decide on her baby's gender, she's allowed me to share dressed-as-a-boy and dressed-as-a-girl images. 

Is it a boy, or ...
... should it be a girl?

What do you think?  Please share your opinion about this baby's gender using the special poll I created.  Vote "It's a Boy" for boy or "It's a Girl" for girl.

Thanks for voting.


(Thanks Phyllis for sharing the images.) ◦


  1. I vote girl ;-) I look at her and think, of Baby Mary J. Blige.

  2. D7ana -- the baby does have similar features as MJ Blige. I found a young girl photo of her here.


  3. Awww, I like the baby both ways. Maybe another doll is needed so there will be a boy AND a girl. Just a thought.

  4. MJ Blige was a cute little girl. Shame she used to think she was ugly - on one of the rare interviews I saw a tiny part of with her, she mentioned that.


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