Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Portrait Doll of Oprah as a Child

Oprah was very surprised to receive a portrait doll from Marie Osmond. 

While looking for images of another doll on my various Sandisks, I found photographs taken when I viewed the November 9, 2007, Oprah Show.  During this "Osmond Family Tribute," Marie Osmond presented Oprah with a child-Oprah portrait doll.  The doll resembles a picture of Oprah as a little girl.

The portrait doll of Oprah has her own little doll.

I watched the first airing or a portion of this particular show and wanted to capture the images, but was not swift enough with my camera during the first airing.  With camera in hand during the second airing, I snapped a series of photos of the presentation, which was watched on the TV in my doll room/office.  The overhead fluorescent light is reflected on several of the images along with shadows of my dolls and the mini blinds that cover the patio door.   Most of the photos follow:

Oprah holds, with excitement, her new doll.  An audience member is seen in the background.

Still experiencing the new doll sensation...
...just like a new doll owner, she affectionately cuddles her new bundle of joy.

Oprah shares her gratitude with Marie.
Oprah, who is also a doll collector, appeared genuinely happy with her new doll.




  1. That is one of Marie's best dolls. Karen

  2. I failed to include that Marie Osmond probably commissioned one of her artists to sculpt the Oprah doll. Ping Lau (who creates remarkable, lifelike portrait dolls) has sculpted some of Marie's dolls for her mass-produced doll line, but I cannot confirm that Ping Lau is the artist who sculpted the Oprah doll.

  3. I will check on that Ping is a friend of mines. The thing that gets me with Marie for the public that doesn't understand mass produced dolls over original dolls have a hard time understanding that Marie does not sculpt her dolls. I truly blame QVC and HSN for destroying the doll market.

  4. There are huge differences between mass produced dolls and artist's originals. Appearance and price are the two major differences.



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