Friday, June 4, 2010

Saralee Brings Joy to Non-Collector

saralee doll 030
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Another flickr photo find. The caption says it all:

"I just found some interesting and exciting information about this doll I have had for many years. It was a gift from my son Abe when he was ten years old; he found it while working and cleaning rental properties for a job. Someone offered me 250.oo back then for it, but I think she's beautiful, and she's a gift from my son, so no way would I sell her, EVER! I just found her info on the internet when I looked up her markings. she is an origiinal famous doll, Saralee, commissioned by Eleanor Rooseveltt and Zora Neale Hurston, among other famous activists, to make a realistic ( the first one) representation of a black child in 1951! I'm reading all up on this and it is pretty interesting and exciting and I still would never sell her! And I don't collect dolls, but she is special!
this doll was the first real depiction, not picaninny, of an african american child. the woman who designed her took meassurements of real african american childrens heads and features and translated them to the doll. I never knew I had a historical monumental doll! I don't have her original clothes... looks like she has some other doll dress from that era on."

Bestfriendthemom's excitement is exuded in the above caption.  Congrats to her and kudos to her son for discovering this beautiful doll.

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  1. wonderful!! What a cute doll, and I always love hearing the stories behind them : )

  2. I have been excited to hear new stories about my favorite child hood doll. This was my aunt's doll, then mine, my children's and now nieces are playing with it.

  3. I am glad this blog inspired you. For more information on the Saralee doll, read an article that I wrote in 2002.



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