Friday, June 18, 2010

June Bug

Recently, I was on an approximate two-month-long, doll-buying hiatus. I needed to reevaluate my collecting habits and focus on existing dolls. The hiatus ended abruptly with new dolls entering the collection almost at the speed of light. The hiatus did press pause on my doll buying for a minute, but after the play button was pressed, buying resumed at fast-forward speed. Admittedly, I have the collector’s bug.

Speaking of bugs, one of my newly acquired post hiatus dolls is June Bug, named for her porcelain head mold, by Betty Bailey. The June Bug mold is from Bailey’s “Front Porch Collection” of delightful character dolls. My little girl stands 11-1/2 inches, but the mold is also available in a 20-inch size. Bailey’s molds are distributed exclusively by the Lincoln Mold Company.

No, I did not make June Bug.

According to the information gleaned from the eBay seller, June Bug was a commissioned doll made by doll artist, Beth Golding. While she was made using the Bailey June Bug head mold, Golding used a Janice Naibert (JN) 10-1/2-inch Bleuette body, which is wooden with multiple joints. Golding hand painted the body to match the color used for June Bug's deep facial complexion.

June Bug arrived wearing her circus-print, cotton dress and red Mary Jane-style shoes.

I added white tights and gave her a Daisy Kingdom doll to hold. I immediately fell deeper in love with her realistic facial expression and her real little girl’s hairstyle of four asymmetrical braids fashioned from mohair. (I wore my hair like this as a child!) Beth did an exquisite job. Understandably, it was difficult for June Bug’s former owner to part with her, but I am happy she did!



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