Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Made a Hat!

This past Friday evening I participated in an online chat/hat making session with the So In Style  Yahoo Group.  Our gracious chat host, Steph-a-nie (of Fantastic Favors and Invitations) led us in step-by-step instructions with images to make a felt dome hat or felt flat hat to fit So In Style Barbie dolls or other similar sized, 11-1/2-inch fashion dolls.  I chose to make the dome-style hat.

I do not have the step-by-step instructions.  Those will be added to the SIS group later (one of the benefits of being a group member).  I can, however, share images of the hat I made, which is modeled by my Chynadoll Creations original doll, Debbie.

Debbie models a dome-style felt hat, which is embellished with a felt rose.  She holds the first rose I made, which was too flat.
My first "flat" rose.
Debbie is profiling and styling her new felt hat.

The hat is secured to Debbie's head with a straight stick pin through the crown.  The head of the pin was colored with white gel ink.
The second rose, still a little flat, is better than my first one; it is also held on with a straight pin.  I left the head of this pin uncolored. 
Somewhat better view of the 2nd rose

I used a straight pin as a temporary means of securing the rose to the hat to add versatility.  The rose can be removed and the hat embellished with a contrasting ribbon, such as purple, to match Debbie's dress.

Thanks again, Steph-a-nie, for your wonderful instructions!


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  1. Great job on bat. Very nice looking hat. I love her outfit.

  2. Very nice! Now that other posts makes more sense. That dress is a fabulous color. The last shot is really pretty. It almost seems like she is in the hotel lobby or balcony of some fantastic resort.

  3. Thanks, Ms. Leo!

    Vanessa -- I was hoping you would see this post first. Glad you were able to make sense out of the other post by reading this one.

    That last photo is my kitchen table. Can you tell we do not eat there?


  4. She's ready for the garden club meeting!


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