Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Website Devoted to Black Dolls From the Past

Beverly and Bill Flowers participated in the 2012 National Black Memorabilia Art, Doll, and Collectible Show in Gaithersburg, Maryland where the above photograph was taken.
A member of my WeLoveBlackDolls Yahoo Group, Beverly Flowers, has recently launched a new website devoted to her love for antique Black dolls.  Flowers is known for selling affordable antique and vintage Black dolls and participates in several doll shows annually. Her website, appropriately named, Black Dolls From the Past is described as follows:

Black Dolls from the Past is a doll hobby that is dedicated to the preservation of Black doll history and research.  We are focused on antique and vintage dolls that represent people of colors throughout the world. Ultimately we would like to form an on line Antique and Vintage Black Doll Club...
Several fine examples of antique Black dolls are showcased at Black Dolls From the Past where Bev shares her enthusiasm for this doll genre.  Information about the web owner's presence at the July 27-31st, 2013 National Antique Doll Show in Georgetown, Washington, DC, is also available there (the link to the website is shared below).

These antique black dolls by a variety of manufacturers are the types of dolls that will be available for sale by Bev at the National Antique Doll Show (NADS).
Bev will have this lovely pair of German-made twins available for sale at the National Antique Doll Show

The 26th Annual National Doll Festival, featuring the National Antique Doll Show will be held in Georgetown, Washington, DC from July 27, 2013 through July 31, 2013.  This traveling doll show is strategically held during the time and in the same vicinity as of the annual UFDC Convention.  Additional information about the National Antique Doll Show, where Bev will feature her dolls, can be found on the newly created Doll Events tab on the home page of this blog, and as mentioned, on Bev's website.

Please visit and bookmark Black Dolls From the Past to learn more about Bev's passion for the hunt and chase of antique Black dolls and her interest in documenting and preserving their history. 


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  1. Thanks for the link. I am going over to take a look.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Wow, thanks for the info. Her website is really nice. I've bookmarked it. I hope I remember to check it frequently. So much great information.

  3. You always share the BEST information! (You are My favorite Doll Expert) If there is anyway I can attend this event I will be there. I will check out the website. Thanks again!

  4. I already love the website. I am truly amazed at the dolls that are on the site now, especially the Jim Dandy. Just amazing.

  5. Love the website! Loads of information. Thanks for sharing ;-)


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