Thursday, January 12, 2012

In the City Mighty Real Reese

I plan to discard it, but isn't Reese's box lovely?

Preordered on Black Friday, 2011 with a 20% discount, Mighty Real Reese arrived this past Monday. Unlike my original Reese, this one had no desire to remain in the box for 15 months after she arrived from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She's described by Integrity as follows:
Mighty Real
The Dynamite Girls® In The City Collection
Limited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide

Toot toot, beep beep. She may look like a bad girl but she's all good. From her her cute short-alls with fitted pink blazer, flower choker, purple metallic bag and gold peep toe platform heels, Reese is keeping it mighty real in this look.

Like Vintage Reese from 2010, the head sculpt for Mighty Real Reese is more realistic than the doll released in 2009.

Reese's photo shoot includes comparison images with Vintage Reese and the 2009-released doll.
Immediately freed from the box, Reese strikes a beautiful pose.
Her hair is not as curly as I imagined.  She has two tiny, joined braids at the top of her head.
Vintage Reese's lip and eye color is lighter than Mighty Real's.  The absence of bangs gives the newest Reese a fresh look.
I like the new sculpt used for Mighty Real and Vintage Reese much better than the original doll's sculpt.  The MJ nose on the first doll is what bothers me the most. 




  1. Sometimes the boxes are almost as lovely as the dolls - okay, I exaggerate, but that is a mighty fine box, you have there.

    (Aside, I have re-used Integrity boxes to ship other dolls in. Makes for a nice presentation, hmmm?)

    Congratulations on your Reeses - no pun about "Pieces," here. (Stern look at Old Joe.) I have the first Reese, but I think her original head might go in my "For Sale" tube. I'm pretty sure I have another doll about that complexion in the face who could use that body ....

    Of your three, the latest one has the best face IMHO.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. "Use the boxes to ship other dolls." Great idea, D7ana.

    This year's doll is my absolute favorite of the three, too!


  3. Oh I like her look! Congrats on getting her. I have been eyeing her for a while myself lol. I am cracking up on your description of the other one with the MJ nose LOL

  4. They are all gorgeous! Since Dg girls only have 300 units each model, they are too much expensive on ebay. Where did you buy yours?

  5. Gorgeous! Now I wish I had gotten her. I can clearly see why you freed her so quickly.

  6. Georgia Girl -- since taking her pictures, I used a plastic (wig type) brush to loosen up her curls and was able to achieve a curlier look than the original pictures portray.

    Chynadoll -- I didn't know if anyone would understand the MJ nose description. :-)

    Lady Lolo -- I purchased Mighty Real Reese from on Black Friday when she offered a 20% discount sitewide. I didn't have any initial plans to purchase Reese, but because of the sale and her curly locks, I ordered her along with High Brow Adele.



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