Monday, June 23, 2014

Thank You, Brini!

Cécile's ordering page, captured from the American Girl website

After reading recent blogs and other reports about American Girl's plan to discontinue some of the 18-inch dolls in the historic doll collection, I thought about ordering Cécile Ray, whose ordering page is shown above.  For a few weeks, I remained on the fence about making this thought a reality. 

Letter from American Girl

Even after receiving a personal letter from American Girl announcing their plan to discontinue Marie-Grace, Cécile, Ruthie, and Ivy, which notes, "quantities are limited," ordering remained a thought .  It was not until I read Brini's post, A Present for Scarlet, where she writes about Scarlet's gift of a mini Cécile, that I searched and found a free shipping coupon and ordered my doll on June 10, 2014.

I went back to the coupon site this past Saturday to note that the coupon worked for me.  The site wanted to know how much I saved, so I decided to cart Cécile, book and accessories to see how much shipping would have been without the coupon.  I could not cart this bundle.  I kept trying until I finally saw the red letters "Sold Out," as seen on the screen capture of  Cécile's ordering page in the first image. 

So thank you Brini for writing about Scarlet's mini Cécile, which influenced me to "just do it" and order my 18-inch Cécile.  I am happy I ordered my doll before quantities were exhausted.

At the time of this writing, Ruthie has also sold out but limited quantities of Ivy (Asian American) and Marie-Grace (Caucasian) remain. 
After ordering, Cécile arrived quickly but remained in her shipping carton until the day this post was drafted.  I could sense that my other two 18-inch American girls, Addy and Kaya, wanted to finally meet their new friend.  Addy's rag doll, Ida Bean, who is permanently attached to Addy's Christmas dress, was eager to meet Cécile, too.

Addy to Kaya:  I wonder who's in the box?  Are you thinking it's who I'm thinking?

Kaya to Addy:  I don't know Addy, but I think I heard someone beg, 'Please let me out.'"
I think I heard the same plea from Cécile; so let her out, I did. 

Cécile in shipping box

Almost out...
Free at last!  Cécile (center doll) poses with new friends Addy (left) and Kara (right).  Gloves and a necklace  (lying in front) were also included with Cécile in addition to her book, Meet Cécile.
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