Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cozy Coat and Dressy Dress Lizette

As she was upon arrival.

She is 16 inches tall, and I love every inch of Cozy Coat & Dressy Dress Lizette! 

During one of Wilde Imagination's sales back in January or earlier this month, I ordered this doll.  She remained in the unopened shipper until this past weekend when I finally found the time to open the box and give her a thorough examination.

Still in the box for all of two minutes, I took another in-box photo of Cozy Coat... Lizette.

Her fashion is much better than I expected and I was surprised (not having read the full description before ordering) that her wig is removable.  She is described by the Wilde Imagination folks as follows:
Honey-toned Lizette arrives with a swappable wig of mink tresses in a classic style and brown inset eyes peeking out behind thick lashes. Her delightfully feminine ensemble includes a darling pink and brown long-sleeved dress beneath a tender pink multi boucle coat just sparkling with sequins.  Paired with pink tights, booties, gloves matching her dress and a fuzzy faux fur scarf in soft pink, Lizette is cozy and dressy all at once!  LE 1000

Display stand included.
Before joining her sister-Lizettes, my sixth Lizette took the following photos to model her complete ensemble:

Instead of wearing her animal print gloves that match the fabric of her dress, Lizette opted to hold them. 
Lizette's pale pink faux fur scarf and her coat keep her nice and cozy.
With coat removed, still holding gloves, Lizette has draped her pink (it looks white, but it really is pink) fur scarf across her shoulder. She wears pink tights and pink suede anklets.  Such a breathtakingly lovely doll; it is difficult for me to resist buying new versions.

Will six be enough?  I am not sure, especially since Bold Move will be released soon. Time and sales will tell with "sale" being the deciding factor.