Monday, February 27, 2012

Lisa and Dionne

Saved by the Bell Lisa (Lark Voorhies) by Tiger Toys 1992
Saved by the Bell-character Lisa, played by Lark Voorhies, was captured in playscale doll form by Tiger Toys in 1992. They did a decent job of reproducing her 1992 likeness, but no one can mass produce for the play market better portrait dolls than Mattel.  Lark was always a pretty girl to me.  Apart from Saved by the Bell, Voorhies has appeared in music videos, TV commercials, soap operas, and currently manages her production company.  Divorced, she was once engaged to Martin Lawrence.

Dionne by Mattel 1996
Clueless movie and TV series character Dionne, made by Mattel in 1996, is a good likeness of  Stacey Dash, who played the Dionne role.  This 11-1/2 inch doll has a puppy/back pack, a cell phone, and a feather-topped ink pen.  Other dolls in this series were made of Clueless characters, Amber and Cher.  Learn more about the real Stacey Dash here.

These dolls were and are back on the same display shelf with Beverly Johnson and Naomi Campbell.


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  1. Saved by the Bell was my show! They did a great job with Lisa. She looks a tad old here, but the likeness is spot on. The Stacey doll is pretty good, but way too dark for the real Stacey. Can't wait to see what else you found.

  2. Lark looks a tad old now; or maybe I just stumbled upon a bad picture of her when I googled her. I shared a link to the best picture of her that I found.

    Mattel was stuck on Hershey brown complexion for most 1990s AA dolls. Now they've gone in the opposite direction.


  3. Thanks for sharing these, lesser recognized dolls, BDE!

  4. I bought the Lisa doll back when it was in the stores even though I don't watch TV so I had never seen the show. Somehow I missed Dionne and the rest of that crew even though I loved the movie, "Clueless." Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

  5. I always looked forward to seeing dolls based on tv shows. I was hoping for Clueless that they would do the male characters too.

    1. I used to actively collect these dolls, but for some reason stopped. Actually, there haven't been very many affordable playscale portrait dolls made of AA personalities.

      Mattel did a great job with the Brandy and M. C. Hammer dolls. I had multiples of those at one time, but sold all except one Brandy. I regret having sold my M. C. Hammer dolls.


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