Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fondest Childhood Christmas Memory by Sharon Rainey

One of my most faithful readers asked me if I would publish a post reminiscing about a favorite Christmas in my childhood.  I promised Betty I would do this.  I have also asked several others to allow me to share one of their fondest childhood Christmas memories.  Their stories will be shared first.

Today's "Fondest Childhood Christmas Memory" is shared by Sharon Rainey:

Internet-captured photo of 1st Issue Velvet
When I was about 10, I wanted a Velvet (Crissy family) doll for Christmas. I spoke about her for weeks prior; she was all I could think about.

On Christmas Eve, I saw her on TV, and told my mom, "That's the one!
She's what I want for Christmas!!!" The next day, there she was, and she became my favorite doll.

Years later, my sister told me the "true story" about Velvet. When we saw her on TV, my mom realized she'd bought the Crissy doll. She and my older sister went to several different stores trying to exchange the doll. It was getting late, and stores were closing. No one had the doll. Finally, my mom tried one more store, and they had her! My mom asked if she could exchange Crissy for Velvet. The man said no, because my mom did not buy the doll at their store. My mom pleaded, "Please sir, my little girl wants the Velvet doll. I got the wrong one, and I can't find her anywhere else. It's Christmas Eve, and the stores are closing. Can't I exchange it here?" The man relented, and I got Velvet.

When I heard the story from my sister, the spirit of love and Christmas overwhelmed me, even though it had been decades since. I purchased another Velvet several years later, and gifted my mom Cynthia with one too.

Sharon added:
The man that exchanged the doll for my mom was a white man, and times being what they were in the '60s and '70s, my mom was not sure if he would let her exchange it. My mom said he was so nice and kind about it.


Thanks for sharing your story with me and the readers of this blog, Sharon.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am very happy for you that your mother went through such great lengths to purchase your beloved Velvet.

Merry Christmas!

To The Readers:  If you would like to have your fondest childhood Christmas memory published in the days and weeks before Christmas, please email your story for consideration to blackdolls @ sbcglobal .net (close in the extra spaces inserted in the email address).  It does not have to be doll-related, just warm and fuzzy.  :-)  Thanks in advance!


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  1. What a great Christmas gift. Not all moms would be so persistent

  2. Velvet is such a pretty doll. I didn't have her, but I did have the caucasian one. I love this idea of your sharing childhood memories.

  3. This comment is on behalf of Betty A., who sent me the following comment by text after reading this post:

    Sharon Rainey's story is miraculous because of the time period involved. I also love Velvet and her growing hair. What a wonderful made for television story this would make for this time of year! I loved her story and thank you so much for opening a portal to Sharon's personal life!


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