Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Toys R Us-Exclusive Real FriendsTanisha

Real Friends Tanisha, box date 1999, Geoffrey, Inc.

After finding my first Tanisha at a thrift store in late-December 2013 and featuring her here, I received help with her ID from D7ana.  Desiring an upgrade, I searched eBay with zero results and saved the search to receive future listing notifications. After nearly two years, the doll shown above was listed in an eBay auction and I was the only bidder.

Tanisha is one of several friends in the Real Friends 11-1/2-inch fashion doll line with a box date of 1999, sold only at Toys R Us.  She has brown painted eyes and long black rooted hair.

Side panel box graphics illustrate Tanisha's "magically changing outfit" from party dress to tennis attire.

Real Friends Jessie, Brandi, and Maya are shown on the back of the box along with Tanisha and a brief description of each dolls' favorite hobbies.

Tanisha's describes herself as:
I'm Tanisha...
I love playing tennis and dancing.  When I start my career I'm going to hold all my meetings at the tennis court.

She must really love tennis!

Tanisha (the thrift store find), and the desired upgrade are shown together in this final post photograph.




  1. Congrats on getting her Debbie! I have never seen her before you posted about her. The Real Friends dolls are no longer around, I liked their accessories.

  2. LOL @ meetings on the tennis court. But I guess if people can conduct million dollar deals on the golf course, no reason they cant do the same in between tennis matches.

  3. I missed this post when it first was published. Thanks for the credit and the link. I'm glad you found out about her and that you shared her. She's a lovely doll without being over-made-up.


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