Monday, October 24, 2016

Black Dolls Matter®

Black Dolls Matter® playscale size T-shirts arrived well presented on white card stock inside a clear resealable envelop. 

When I retrieved the padded envelop with Black Dolls Matter written on the first line of the return address, I knew it was time for at least a couple of quick doll redresses (aka doll play).  I dropped the other letter mail onto the kitchen table and immediately went to the doll room.

Tall Barbie poses with the Black Dolls Matter® (BDM) T-shirt she chose to wear, which has pink lettering.

Barbie Fashionista #33, one of the tall Barbies, has been here since early summer patiently waiting to be deboxed and redressed.  Neither of us liked her floral screen-printed T-shirt and we both knew one of these BDM T-shirts would be much better and make a statement as well.

Happy to be deboxed and partially redressed, #33 had her ears pierced.  She wears a new pair of gold tone hoops with her new T-shirt, original denim shorts and black booties.

Let's take a close-up look at the front and back of the T-shirt:

Black Dolls Matter is printed on the front with a flower as the "o" in Dolls.  The T-shirts are black with three colors available for the lettering: white, pink or purple.

They are very well made of Spandex material with surged edges and Velcro closure in back.  The back closure makes putting on and taking off much easier than pulling over the doll's head (no worries about disturbing hairstyles).  Where to buy information is provided at the end of this post.

Because the fabric stretches, curvy Barbies can wear these, too!  Emoji Barbie chose the one with white lettering, which is worn over her original dress.  She accessorized the look with #33's white wristwatch.

Making fashion and doll-market-statements, both dolls posed together for a final photo.

Where to Buy
Among other items, in a choice of three colors for lettering (white, pink or purple) Black Dolls Matter® T-shirts can be purchased for $5 each from the Black Dolls Matter® Etsy shop.  Shipping is extra.

Check out my eBay listings here.



  1. Thanks for showing these.
    It's a lovely T-shirt and a great idea to promote but, unfortunately, shipping to Canada is pretty steep.

    1. That's too bad the shipping is too steep from the US to Canada. I have heard other people say this (about other products).


  2. Thanks for this info, Debbie! Cute shirts!


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