Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More Sparkle Girlz Fashions

Sparkle Girlz fashions

I was in Walmart recently where I checked the doll aisle to see if anything new in Sparkle Girlz' fashions was on the shelf.  This store was nicely stocked, but I only found the above four fashions of interest.  Individual photos follow:

Sleeveless top with Aztec print and fringe hem is paired with dark blue denim leggings with a pink handbag as an accessory.

This one includes a navy blue smock top with colorful V-shaped design at neckline, white leggings and pink high-heel shoes.  (In a recent post by Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures, Danielle wore this as a post-pregnancy fashion.)

Multicolored top with choker neckline, paint-splashed short-shorts, and a hot pink handbag are attached to this Sparkle Girlz fashion card.

The fourth fashion is a teal blue and black dress with black high heel shoes.
I have no immediate plans to use these or the last two Sparkle Girlz fashions purchased, but it's always good to have them on hand when a redress is desired.  Their price of less than $2 each is part of their appeal.

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  1. Thanks for showing these, I keep an eye out but they haven't turned up in my area...yet.
    They're lovely though.

  2. These are so cute for that low price!

    1. They are! I was trying to get my husband to go to Walmart with me today (for something else, but I would have checked this aisle had I gone). He was not having it because of football. Ugh!




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