Monday, April 24, 2017

One More Clothespin Doll

Jointed clothespin doll with molded hair wears a Christmas-themed dress

A collection of collections is probably the best way to describe my various black dolls and the categories they represent.

My tiny clothespin doll collection is one of these many collections within the collection. I recently won the one shown above. She has sculptured curls with three yarn braids.  Her dress has tiny Christmas trees in the print of the red fabric, but I will keep her displayed year round with the ones shown below:

Clothespin doll made by a special doll friend, dressed in my favorite color:  peach.
L-R:  Custom-made doll-collector clothespin doll by Clothesline Cuties,  one-of-a-kind clothespin doll by Curiositeej Dolls & Collectibles, Jemimah Angel clothespin doll by Rev. Dr. LaVerne C. Hall, and a circa 1980s jointed clothespin doll with Afro found a few years ago.
I also recently won an auction that included several clothespin dolls, the group photo of which is shown below, followed by separate photos of some of the items the auction included.

These unfinished clothespin dolls and block-doll kit with craft tongue depressors were included in an eBay auction win.

This package includes 10 doll pins and 10 doll stands.  The heads on these are small.

This package contains 13 craft clothespins.  The heads of these are small as well.

This makes my second multiarticulated 8-inch unfinished clothespin doll.  I found an identical one on eBay a couple of years ago. I like the larger size head and body proportions.

These five separately packaged "wooden jointed forms" will make very interesting clothespin dolls.  The heads of these are slightly smaller than the 8-inch doll, and should be because they create 5-inch dolls.  

This kit will create an 8-inch wooden block doll.  The tiny image in the lower right corner of the package illustrates the contents, including the "block" body.  The fabric for the dress, hair, and the stuffing required for the arms and legs will have to be purchased separately.

These unfinished dolls and kit will keep me busy once I get started making additional clothespin dolls to add to the now, still small collection.

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  1. It's weird how cute these are. Your new one in particular with hair and everything :-)
    Thanks for sharing pics of your collection within the collection:D I think those are inevitable especially with doll collecting: sooner or later you end up with all sorts of miniatures from little dolls to tea sets. At some point you realize you're also interested in those items and buy them for their own sake.

    1. You're welcome, Maricha.

      For me, if it's not an actual doll or something that can be fashioned into one, it won't interest me. I am only interested in doll forms. Tea sets and other doll paraphernalia are just not my cup of tea; it takes up space that dolls can occupy.



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