Thursday, April 27, 2017

Zig and Zig #50 or #57?

Zig and Zag Curvy Barbie

I had no plans to buy Zig and Zag Barbie, none whatsoever, but the person who often reminds me of the amount of dolls I own was with me at Walmart the day she was purchased.  I was just browsing.  He saw Zig and Zag (ZiZi) and asked me if I had her.  After I answered, "No."  He (surprisingly) said, "You should buy her. You know you need a doll with her hair shaved on one side."  I corrected him by saying, "That side of her hair is braided.  I don't really like her."  We went back and forth for a minute and I relented after he pointed out her curvy figure.  "I guess I'll buy her, but her lip color is going to be changed," I said.

At home, the day after the purchase, I recalled not having removed the doll from the shopping bag or seeing it after when got home.  I went to the car to see if the package was there, no ZiZi.  I asked Husband if he remembered getting the bag when he grabbed the few others from the store counter.  He said, "She [the checker] put everything in one bag."  As it turned out, he left the bag there, so we had to return to Walmart to get my doll.

So the Zig and Zag I originally did not want, was wanted after all because, she was paid for.

After remaining in her box for some three weeks or so, I finally removed ZiZi to give her a three-part, quick makeover.  Before the makeover began, I noticed the front of the box indicates she is Fashionista #57 while #50 is shown on the back of the box, as illustrated above.

Cellophane has been removed, but she is still attached to the box liner.

Bright pink lip color

ZiZi shows off her molded braids and the hole in the back of  her head caused by the plastic fastener.  Mattel must do better in this regard!

Blonde side.  I loosened up her stiffened curls a bit with my fingers.

The Makeover
First up was to paint parts in her hair in between her cornrowed braids.  No one has a black scalp, Mattel!

ZiZi now has parts that separate her cornrowed braids.

I used acrylic paint (a mixture of Real Brown and Chocolate Bar) to create the appearance of parted hair/exposed scalp that separates her cornrows.

Part two was simple.  She had her ears pierced and gold hoop earrings (borrowed from another doll) were inserted.

Part three of ZiZi's makeover was to remove her pink (pank) lipstick and apply a more suitable color for her skin tone.

Using fingernail polish remover, ZiZi's lip color was removed.  I tried a variety of acrylic paint colors, but settled on Gold Medal fingernail polish as her new lip color.

Her new lip color almost matches her blonde hair.

ZiZi and I are not thrilled with her original sundress and shoes, but clothing here for curvy girls is quite limited.  The original fashion and shoes will have to do for now.  (On viewing this picture, it appears she was about to have a little wardrobe malfunction.  I thought I corrected the position of her top, which easily slides out of place when the doll is manipulated, before taking photos, but I missed this one.)

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