Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ada Twist, Scientist and Book

Ada Twist, Scientist and book arrived in December 2017.  The doll was a pleasant surprise gift in the mail from an initially unknown giver.  The unfamiliar return address did not include a name.  The accompanying Christmas greeting was unsigned.

Ada Twist was made in 2017 by MerryMakers, Inc.  Her spreadsheet entry reads as follows:
12-inch cloth doll represents the character in the book, Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty.  Ada has dark brown yarn hair, a screen-printed face and wears a red and white polka dot dress with white and brown spotted socks, and black felt shoes.

The book is about an inquisitive little girl who was mute until age three.  When she did begin to speak, she wanted to know the what, when, whys, and hows about everything she encountered.  With initially perplexed parents, Ada eventually received their help in finding the answers to her never-ending questions.

Needing to know who sent Ada Twist and the book to me, I reached out to one member of my doll group thinking she had to have been the sender, but it was not her.  I was back to square one trying to determine who sent Ada and book to me so I could properly give thanks.  I sent a text message to someone else who lives in the same city and state indicated on the return address, but it was not her either.  I posted a message to my Facebook group to inquire if any member sent it.  No one replied but based on the "likes" the post received, I was able to determine who sent Ada to me.  A Facebook Messenger message inquiring if that person sent it solved the mystery.

Thank you again group member for your generosity.  Ada will fit in quite nicely with my Dolls with Books collection that I have shared with the community in one-day to month-long exhibits in the past.

Because it has been difficult for me to set up these exhibits, the thought occurred to me recently that I might possibly do reading sessions with children at local libraries and/or schools where only one book is read during each session.  The associated doll would accompany me to these reading sessions. This is just a thought, but is something that would be easier for me to handle than an entire exhibit set up where a synopsis of each book is provided or discussed.  If I conduct the one doll/one book readings, Ada Twist, Scientist will be one of the first books read.

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  1. What a FABULOUS idea especially as a junior book club! There’s nothing better than having your favourite book represented by a doll that is a 3D rendering of a favourite character, and with the international focus on girls taking on STEM subjects throughout their schooling Ada Twist would be the perfect inspiration!

    1. I am going to try to make these local readings happen in 2018, beginning in the spring but definitely this summer when school is out and local libraries have summer reading programs for children. Ada Twist will be the first book read.


  2. I have an autism spectrum condition and went into science as an adult. I might have to buy this!


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