Monday, April 23, 2018

Circa 1950s Sock Doll Pair and Others

Circa 1950s Sock Dolls

These 7-inch dolls made from brown sock material entered the doll family in March 2018.  Both have sewn-on felt facial features with side-glancing eyes, and black yarn loops of hair.  On the front sides and top, the girl has five tiny pieces of yarn tied with red yarn to create pigtails.

The dolls will need the assistance of a doll stand to stand alone.

The boy wears a red polka dot shirt, red yarn bow at neck, red pants with white felt buttons around the waist, and red shoes with red ribbon laces.  The girl wears the same style shoes, a red polka dot dress with green felt floral appliqué and matching panties.

The dolls posed with my sock dolls are 5-3/4-inch cloth dolls, Andy Organdy and Mandy Organdy, by Deb Canham.  They were first seen in this post of April 30, 2014.  The cloth fabric used to make Andy and Mandy is sock-like but is actually a cotton knit fabric.

Sock doll by Rev. LaVerne Hall

One other doll that was purchased in 2014 that I could not find documented here on the blog is a 14-inch sock doll by Rev. LaVerne Hall.  The doll has yarn hair styled in two ponytails with bangs and has a featureless face.  She wears denim pants with a sweater, also made from a sock, white socks, and black high-top sneakers.

After recently cleaning out his sock drawer, my husband asked me if I wanted his old socks to make a sock doll.  I told him I would pass, but suggested that he keep a couple and make one himself.  He did but has yet to make that doll.  For those who might be interested in trying their hand at making a sock doll, I found the following link with photos and a separate video which might be useful.

How to Make a Sock Doll Instructions with Photos

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  1. Debbie, I am sure you will have fun despite experiencing some little frustration when making the sock doll for your husband. And when the doll is finished you will feel so proud.

    1. Hi Arlette,

      I won't experience any frustration because I am going to leave the sock-doll-making to my husband. I might have to remind him to make it, however.


    2. Oh that's even better! Please show us the end result when he is done.


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