Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Malaville Toys' Imani and Alexis

DHL shipping envelope and boxes used for my two Malaville Toys dolls are shown in the above two photographs.

Malaville dolls have been on the market for about three years now. I was not moved to purchase any until the first images of the second wave of dolls were shared online.  The newer dolls use a new (improved in my opinion) head sculpt and were released last year or earlier this year.  Imani (the doll with the deepest complexion) and Alexa (described as Malaville's first fashion doll with albinism) were my two choices of the four new dolls.

My dolls were purchased directly from the Malaville Toys website (find the link at the end of this post) where free shipping is now being offered.  Shipping appears actually built into the price now as the original dolls were slightly less than wave 2 but shipping was extra.

The dolls arrived swiftly from South Africa, delivered by DHL in their cardboard shipping boxes which were inside DHL's yellow plastic envelopes as illustrated in the first two photos.

Imani is presented in her white Malaville logo'd and personalized box which has the initial of her first name on the side of the box.  The doll and her extra fashion can be seen through the front see-through panel.

The letter "I" is on the side panel of Imani's box.  The meaning of Imani and the doll's story are shared on the back of the box, an image of which is next.
The text on the back of Imani's box includes the meaning of her name, her occupation as a magazine editor, her favorite color, and her hobbies.

Imani's features and fashion
Imani has an authentically textured, rooted Afro hairstyle and brown painted eyes.  Her elbows are articulated; the waist is not.  She has click-bend knees.  She is dressed in a green madras plaid, off-shoulder sleeveless sheath.  A white belt is worn at the waist.

The extra fashion includes a white off-shoulder blouse and skirt made of the same material as the dress.

A closer look at the sheath is shown above.

White T-strap ankle straps with a mock bow on the toe complete this editor of Malaville Magazine's stylish look.
Like Imani, Alexa is presented in her white Malaville logo'd and personalized box which has the initial of her first name on the side of the box.  The doll and her art supplies and apron can be seen through the front see-through panel.
The letter "A" is on the side panel of Alexa's box.  The meaning of Alexa and the doll's story are shared on the back of the box, an image of which is next.
The text on the back of Alexa's box includes the meaning of her name, her budding-artist endeavors, her favorite color, and her hobbies.
Alexa's features, fashion, and accessories
Alexa has a blonde rooted Afro, dark painted eyes, white eyebrows, and eyelashes. Dressed in a pink hoodie with the letter A on front...

...Alexa wears cuffed light blue jeans.  Accessories include an easel, paint palette, three tubes of paint, a paintbrush... 

... and an apron.

White mock-lace sneakers complete her casual fashion.

About Malaville Toys

Mala Bryan, a fashion model, born on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean, is the founder and creator of Malaville Toys.  As described on the back of both dolls' boxes, she is happy to have found her passion in dolls and has a goal of bringing love, joy, peace, and harmony to the world, "one beautiful doll at a time."

This direct quote from the founder of Malaville Toys is included on the back of Imani and Alexa's boxes.

Visit Malaville Toys here.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, RM1987. I like their faces as well. Additional articulation would have been nice.


  2. How wonderful that you have them! I was hope to get several of the Imani dolls. One to keep and others for body donors for POSA and Model of the Moment Nichelle. Are they Barbie size? Can they fit Barbie clothes? Are the feet large or is that just the shoes? I know that don't have the articulation of MTM Barbie but it doesn't look like Mattel will be doing any articulation for their darkest complexion dolls.

    1. I haven't removed either one from the box for redressing and probably won't do that. Their feet have a slight arch, not as much arch as the original articulated Fashionistas. They can wear shoes made to fit the original Fashionistas.

      The price is higher than they were originally. They range from $34.99 up. That's a bit steep for me to pay for a body donor when the articulation is as limited.

  3. Congratulations on these new additions to your collection. They are lovely dolls. I have Alexa, and I'd like to have some of the others someday. (The postage stopped me from getting more than 1 doll at the time when I got her.)

    I confess, I took Alexa from her box - she wanted to meet my other dolls. (Yes, that's my story, lol.)

    1. Hi D7ana!

      Congrats on owning Alexa and thanks for the congrats to me on owning my two Malaville dolls.

      I can understand why Alexa wanted freedom. It's no fun being couped up in a box. 😀


  4. Congratulations on getting them! I hope to pick up a few of them one day. You chose two of my favorites!

    1. I hope you're able to add the ones you want to your collection, G.G.


  5. These are gorgeous! I love both the doll design and the style. Thanks for sharing them! :)


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