Monday, October 1, 2018

Tiny J Debut by Helen Kish

Tiny J Debut, made in an edition of 100 dolls, by Helen Kish is shown above with her certificate of authenticity, prior to box release.

Prototype and actual doll

I preordered Tiny J Debut from Happily Ever After after seeing the prototype photo (above left).  The actual doll (above right and seen in the first photo) although adorable, looks slightly different than the prototype.  I'm sure the head sculpts are the same; the hand-painted facial features of the prototype add more realism.  Tiny J Debut's description from Happily Ever After's website reads as follows:

6 Inch Tall Vinyl Doll

Edition: 100

Created in 2018

Tiny J joins the family of Tiny Rileys with a new head sculpt. Tiny J is the first African-American for the Tiny Riley family.

She has painted brown eyes and curly dark brown locks.

Tiny J wears a wine colored silk dress with navy embroidery on the bodice and at the hem.
White cotton knickers peak out under the short skirt, and her patent mary jane shoes match the color of her frock.

After her box release, Tiny J Debut posed for several photos which are shared below:

The bodice of the dress has embroidered flowers and leaves in black with two wine-colored beads for the center of the flowers.

The dress is beautiful with a three-button closure in back.  Tiny J Debut's matching hair ribbon can be seen in this photo.

She looks as pretty sitting as she does standing.

Head Mold and Size Comparison Photos
Tiny J Debut and Alisha's head sculpts are similar.  You can definitely tell they are from the same doll family.

Tiny J Debut and Alisha in a closer photo

The size difference between the 6-1/2-inch (actual height) Tiny J Debut and 7-1/2-inch Anjali (Girls in Space) is apparent in this final photo.

Link to buy page at Happily Ever After
The Toy Shoppe also sells Tiny J Debut.



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  1. I like her! I see what you mean about the difference between the phototype and the actual doll. I was thinking it was the lighting. Now that you explain I realize there is a difference.

  2. I am often hesitant to order from prototypes, because there's often a big difference between the two dolls. It makes me nervous and I don't feel like I have a large enough budget to be disappointed. I love both versions of this girl though. Her dress really sets off her coloring beautifully.

    1. I'm always a little nervous too, RLC. Disappointment tried to set in when I saw the real Tiny J Debut, but she soon captivated me.

      Thank you!



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