Saturday, July 6, 2013

Steffi Love

Steffi Love has a very pretty face.

I stopped by the thrift store yesterday and found this circa 1990s doll, Steffi Love.  She was only $2.99 and within her baggie, appeared to be in decent condition with articulation.  So I purchased her.

Before now I was not familiar with this 11-inch line of fashion dolls, made by Simba.  I did a quick Internet search and found several white versions with the same face.    The newer versions have a different head sculpt and also do not appear articulated.  A male counterpart, Kevin, is shown at the Steffi Love website.  I did not see any dark skinned dolls there. 
My doll, as mentioned is 11-inches tall.  She is articulated at the elbows, waist, knees, ankles, and the usual areas:  neck, upper arms-to-shoulders, upper legs-to-hips.  Wrist articulation is absent.  Her head is marked:  SIMBA-TOYS

Her back is marked:
SIMBA (with a rearing up elephant alongside)

Her black hair is rooted in approximately four layers.  The eyes are painted brown.   Her feet are flat.  The dress she wore when found appears original. 

Steffi Love in what appears to be her original dress (looking a little stiff in this pose).

Made in China, the quality is decent, above that of dollar store dolls, but not as high as a Mattel-made doll.  Her arms and lower legs are a lighter brown than the rest of her body. 

Steffi shows off her articulation.

Because of her flat feet, I thought about LIV shoes and clothing.  Her feet are smaller than LIV feet, but the outfit I chose for her includes boots, which fit without obvious slack.  Her shoulder/breast areas are broader than LIV dolls making it difficult to close the upper back of the LIV blouse completely and the denim vest will not close in front.  Fortunately, the fashion looks good with or without the vest.
Steffi wears the LIV for Hair! fashion, Country Fair with denim vest which will not close in front.

Steffi has removed the vest and feels and looks more comfortable without it.

She's all set and for $2.99, I am glad I did not leave Steffi Love behind.  


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  1. Love Steffie Love! You got a great deal.

  2. She is soooo cute! I love her younger look. Great deal.

  3. Wow! She is sooo cute! Not many doll have an articulated body and so that was a plus too! I love her boots! Great deal!

  4. Very good find Debbie!! She looks great in her new fashion.

    Happy Saturday to you!

  5. Interesting! Steffi Love is a staple in toy stores here (Sweden) along with Barbie and Bratz but I had not seen a black version, only the white ones. There are immigrants from diverse African and Middle Eastern countries living here but many of the toy stores still only sell blond-haired, blue-eyed dolls. :-(

  6. Thanks, ladies. I love Steffi's youthful look, too.

    It is interesting that Steffi Love dolls are a staple in Sweden, Erin, but unfortunate that there are only white ones.

    I'd like to know the actual year my doll was made. I am guessing 90s but she has not received very much play time, so she may be newer than my guess.


  7. What a cute little find. I haven't seen her before. I like her button features.

  8. I have seen Steffi Love dolls here in Philly, but they've all been white dolls. I'll check if there are any black Steffie dolls here. Interesting. You know I love a doll puzzle ;-)

    Oh and congratulations on your find!

  9. I have never seen a black Steffi Love doll before and I collect them. What a great find at such a great price! She is beautiful. You are soooo lucky! Enjoy her.

    1. Thank you Jeannie! Your comment reminds me that it is time to make a return visit to the thrift store.



    2. I wrote on 2/21/14 saying that I never saw a black Steffi Love doll before. Now I have one! I found her on Ebay by accident. She was $7.99. My doll looks exactly like yours but with a non-articulated body. She has a heavier, Barbie body with rubbery bending knees. I was so lucky to find her!

    3. Congratulations on finding a black Steffi Love, Jeannie! Is your doll's hair line mine? Now we know there are at least two black versions. Thanks for sharing.



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