Monday, May 15, 2017

Made to Move Barbie and Gabby

Made to Move Barbie has been here nearly a year, remaining confined to her packaging.  Gabby urged her to come on out now; so she did.
In a comment to my initial post about my Gabby Douglas Barbie, Ms. Leo asked:

Does the MTM body she is on have a longer neck or is it just a different style head than the MTM? She looks a little darker than the yellow top MTM. Is she?
The two dolls do share the Made to Move Barbie body; however, there are subtle differences.  In answer to Ms. Leo's two questions, the neck lengths are the same, approximately 1/2 inches long each. Gabby is, in fact, slightly darker than Made to Move Barbie.  See the complexion and other differences between the two bodies in the photos shared below:

Gabby's complexion is slightly darker than MTM Barbie's with Barbie's having more yellow undertones to her caramel complexion and Gabby having more red undertones.

Even though the flash interferes with this head-shot comparison of their complexion, Gabby's slightly darker complexion is apparent.

An arm-in-arm comparison photo illustrates the subtle differences in complexions, particularly when their free arms are compared.

Their joints are all the same as I described in Gabby's original post; however, their body markings differ.

MTM Barbie's back is stamped:
©2015 MATTEL
1186 MJ, 1, NL
(below this in silver letters -- the circled area in the photo -- is:)

The circled area on Gabby's right upper back in gold letters reads:
(The lower back reads:)
©2016 MATTEL
1186 MJ, 1, NL

They have different shaped feet with MTM Barbie's foot having a higher arch.  Foot Markings:   MTM Barbie, R2 on right and L1 on left; Gabby, R1 on right and L4 on left.

MTM Barbie is 11-1/2 inches tall.  Gabby is 11-1/4 inches tall.  MTM Barbie's over-sized head adds to her height.  Their bodies are the same size.

The height difference is more apparent in this back-to-back photo.

Red Ruffles Fashionista and MTM Barbie

Red Ruffles, who has been here much longer than MTM Barbie, has been desiring freedom and a new body for quite some time.   Since I do not care for the over-sized Asha head on MTM Barbie, Red Ruffles' wish will probably be granted very soon.

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