Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Heart Warmer

FAO Schwarz Classic Baby Emma

I went to Toys R Us yesterday, specifically looking for So In Style Julian.

The FAO Schwarz doll/teddy/shopping bag display is at the store's entrance. I immediately noticed the 30% off sign on the FAO Schwarz Classic Baby Doll display.  There were several Kiri and Lily dolls left, but only two Emma's. I asked an associate if the 30% was off the current price of $19.99 (the original retail was $34.99). She confirmed this. I immediately grabbed my heart-warming, 14-inch, all-vinyl chocolate drop before proceeding to my Julian search.

Julian was nowhere to be found on the TRU shelves. After paying $13 and change for Emma, I had another associate check the database for Julian. He's not in their system. It may be well into the summer before he arrives.  I'll wait it out.  In the meantime, Emma is a nice stand-in, even though I will probably give her to my niece for her July birthday.  

In two decades of doll collecting, I've learned a few things.

  • Exercise patience.
  • Eventually, doll prices will fall (if they do not sell out first).
  • Doll collecting can be a gamble.
  • But it often "saves" to wait.
  • Always buy what you like... what you can afford... and most importantly what warms your heart.



  1. Nice sale deal! Too bad you didn't find the doll you were looking for :( Thanks for sharing the wisdom : ) There's so many kits that grab my heart - I have trouble following the other parts more lol

  2. The Emma, Lily & Kiri dolls are made in Spain by
    doll artist Carmen Gonzalez, and imported to the
    United States by FAO Schwarz. Actually, Carmen
    Gonzalez/D'nenes did produce an Asian doll in this
    size. Unfortunatly, FAO Schwarz did not import it! The European Market offers some beautiful
    black, Asian & Hispanic dolls not available in the
    United States! I had read one of your earlier posts regarding these dolls. To see photos:
    Did you happen to spot the "Karito Kids" ethnic dolls at "Tuesday Morning" reduced to $29.99.
    each, several months ago? (These normally retail
    for $100.00!)

  3. Thank you for sharing the flickr links to Asian dolls. They are very nice dolls. Yes, I did know about the Karito Kids doll sale at Tuesday Morning a few months ago. I will visit the other links you shared. Thanks in advance.


  4. I made a slight mistake in my post, as I meant to
    point out that there is a Hispanic doll (currently
    sold in Europe) the same size as Emma, Kiri & Lily, made by Carmen Gonzalez (shown in the "Flickr" links wearing a corduroy jumper). Her complexion is different from the Asian doll's,
    as is her expression. Carmen Gonzalez also has
    adorable boy & girl dolls - Mario & Marietta available in black, caucasian & hispanic (possibly
    Asian - see above "links"). I really wish FAO
    Schwarz would import these dolls into the United
    States! I believe the girl, Marietta, is a better
    seller than than the boy, Mario. Another GREAT
    European doll line is the "Las Amigas" by "Paola
    Reina", which includes Asian "Liu" and "Nora" who
    is African-European. I wish these dolls sold here as well! Unfortunatly, Alan Greenspan has
    made our American currency practically worthless
    on the international market!

  5. More GREAT Black, Asian & Hispanic dolls sold in

    Europe has SO MANY GOREGOUS ETHNIC dolls that are
    NOT available here in the USA! I can NOT understand WHY they won't import them! Afterall,
    Americans spend MORE money on dolls than Europeans!


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