Friday, May 21, 2010

From one Doll Lover to Another

Throughout the past 15 or more years (who's counting the years of friendship when it's so treasured), I have enjoyed the best long-distance friendship with a fellow doll lover. Dolls brought us together. We can laugh and talk on the phone for hours at a time about dolls, family, work, current events, as well as vent our frustrations. 

For each major holiday and on our birthdays we exchange gifts. I am constantly trying to pick up clues as to which dolls she has added to her collection so I won't duplicate these when I buy dolls for her. She does the same thing. During one of our recent conversation, she asked, "Didn't someone on the list [my doll discussion list] give you a Madame Alexander Happy Birthday doll?" I said, "No. I only have two. The one I purchased several years ago and the one you gave me last year." Of course I knew she was up to something.

Last night when I opened my birthday package from her (a day early... I couldn't wait), one of the dolls was Madame Alexander Happy Birthday Wendy from 2005 along with another doll that I have expressed interest in. I love them! A third doll, which is a duplicate of a doll I already own, was included in the package. The duplicate doll wears a custom made dress and matching hat! Love her and her Debra R. original outfit, too!

I've concluded that doll lovers make the best friends, confidantes, and gift givers.

Thank you Debra R. for being such a dear friend, for always being an ear when I need one, and for allowing me to be the same for you!

Love ya' girl!



  1. Awwwww, your dollies are just too cute. Especially the one with the Birthday Cake. What a sweet friend you have there. Priceless! Keep her!

    Happy Birthday BDE!


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