Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is That? Answer

This image contains the two items that were in yesterday's image -- a soaking two-piece doll outfit that had become very dusty.  I removed it from its owner, hand washed, and allowed it to air dry.  

The outfit belongs to Anthony...

... a portrait doll of Anthony Mark Hankins, that is.  His artist-given name is "Soul Anthony," from 2002 by Daddy's (Daddy's Long Legs).

Anthony looks so fresh and so clean now in his white cotton tunic and pants.  If he could, I'm sure he would express his gratitude.

dbg ◦


  1. When I saw the doll before I read the name, I was thinking to myself "that doll kind of looks like the fashion designer Anthony on HSN". Then I saw the name. It is him. They did a great job on the doll.

  2. Yes, they did an remarkable job in capturing his likeness. Thanks for commenting.



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