Wednesday, May 16, 2018

MSDC 2018 Luncheon Souvenir Doll Bleuette

Shown above are an unopened souvenir doll, goodie bags, and literature from the Maryland Society of Doll Clubs 2018 Luncheon.

I was an absentee attendee of the 2018 Maryland Society of Doll Collectors "A Parisian Afternoon with Bleuette" Luncheon.  Held on April 21, 2018, at the Radisson Hotel in Timonium, Maryland, attendees received an 11-inch reproduction Bleuette souvenir doll by renowned doll artist, Goldie Wilson*.  My doll and the rest of my souvenir goodies (all shown above unopened) arrived the following week.  Individual and group photos of these items are shown next:

This label was attached to Bleuette's box.
The luncheon brochure contains images of several different Bleuette dolls along with ads from patrons.  The luncheon menu, a mock boarding pass, and a thank you note from one of the luncheon organizers, Stacia Pate, are shown above.
The delectable menu

Mock airline ticket and boarding pass is personalized with my name.
Goodie bags

Goodie bag contents:  doll pendant/charm, personalized Breakfast in Paris black tea, and an Eiffel Tower pendant
The above photo is my first look at the gorgeous Bleuette!  She is breathtaking!

Out of the box and placed on the included doll stand, Bleuette posed for this and several additional photos.

Bleuette has a porcelain head and a multi-articulated wooden body.

She has a handmade black wig with spiral curls that fall on both sides of her face and down her back.  The top of the hair is short and curly.

Bleuette's hair texture and style are better illustrated in this photo and the following two.

Bleuette has brown stationary eyes and a smiling mouth with upper teeth.  She wears permanently placed pearl earrings that match her pearl necklace.  Her lacy hat, which is worn low, is accented with pink and black flowers.

Bleuette can use her stand to stand or sit when it is removed.

Multiple clear sewn-on beads accent the bodice of Bleuette's white dress which has white lace three-quarter-length sleeves through which a thin black ribbon is gathered.  A wider black satin ribbon serves as a waist sash.
The lacy skirt of the dress is two-tiered.

White pantaloons, white lace socks, and black cloth shoes that tie at the ankles with a black ribbon complete Bleuette's fashion.

As April illustrates in her blog post about the luncheon, this was an upscale event, but MSDC would have it no other way.  Read April's post here.  Read more about Goldie Wilson here.

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