Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue... or Green

Part of the fantasy of owning a BJD, aside from the articulation and pose-ability, is the ability to rewig and change the eye color.  I've mastered rewigging with Goodreau's Mirror, a.k.a. "Cocoa."  The doll's most recent eye changes have convinced me, however, that some things are better as is.  See for yourself.

Cocoa with blue-gray eyes; these are scary but not as spooky as the next color.

Here's Cocoa with demonic-looking green eyes.  These are the ones that convinced me and Cocoa that her beautiful, original brown eyes are the best color for her complexion and her overall appeal.

Cocoa's original brown eyes (shown above) will be left in her eye sockets indefinitely (unless a more appealing brown pair surfaces.)

What do you think?

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