Monday, November 22, 2010

Journey Girls - Taryn

Taryn is an18-inch, vinyl doll with cloth body below her vinyl torso.  The vinyl torso and full vinyl arms allow dressing in a variety of fashions from short sleeves to sleeveless.

She has mounds of curly black hair that is closely rooted. A black headband keeps her hair out of her gorgeous rich chocolaty brown face.  Her hazel eyes are stationary with applied eyelashes. A gray knit shirt with white long sleeves; tartan plaid necktie*, blue denim skirt, white knee socks, and blue vinyl sneakers with molded laces complete her casual outfit.

One of four dolls in this Toys R Us-exclusive line, Journey Girls (JG), Taryn and the other dolls each have unique head sculpts. No two dolls are alike. Each doll also has a separate set of interests.

Taryn's headshot and her bio from side panel of box

Bio/Interests:  Taryn is a multitalented performer who loves to travel and experience the local music scene. She aspires to perform at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Taryn and the other JG dolls are $29.99.  Extra boxed JG outfits are available for $12.99 each. This week at Toys R Us, the purchase of one JG qualifies the buyer to receive a free JG outfit.

Initially, I had no plans to purchase Taryn, but this was the only Taryn left at the TRU I visited yesterday.  There were multiples of the other JG dolls.  Taryn's lone status coupled with the free outfit offer enticed the purchase.


After easily removing Taryn from her box, I redressed her in the above fashion, which is very well made. 

Next, I pierced her ears using a push pin and inserted yellow stud earrings to match the yellow stripes in her tunic.

She can wear her extra fashion with or without the gray hoodie.

*The only con I've encountered is the need to  untie Taryn's necktie for redressing her.  A snap in the back of the tie would have prevented this.  Otherwise, she's perfect... so much so that I am seriously considering a return trip TRU to purchase a BFF for her, Alana.   



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