Monday, November 8, 2010

New Karito Kids - Giving Girls, Lara

Karito Kids Lara

Lara (a brunette with brown eyes) and an olive (tan) complexion along with "caring" companion Leza (a blonde with blue eyes) are an extension of the original Karito Kids dolls.  The two-doll series, Giving Girls, will be sold exclusively at Sam's (club) through December 31, 2010.

I purchased Lara as a doll companion or BFF for my niece's doll, Lulu, (the authentically dark-skinned doll from the original Karito Kids line). Lara will be part of my niece's Christmas present this year (with my sister's blessing).

Mixis Opal and Karito Kids Lara, complexion comparison

Unlike the original Karito Kids, who represent girls from various countries and come with a book that tells their individual stories, Lara and Leza do not have a specific country of origin. Instead of a book that tells their stories, they both have a mission of caring around the world* and come with an extra fashion. Leza, is obviously white, but Lara's ethnicity is somewhat ambiguous. She could represent an African American, Hispanic, biracial or other olive-complexioned girl.

At $34.88, Lara and Leza are priced a third of the original dolls' price, which is another reason I felt compelled to buy her for my niece.  Last year after my niece received Lulu, my sister expressed a desire for her daughter to own Pita or one of the other girls.

My mission (with regard to my niece's Christmas present this year) is partially accomplished and my sister's desire will also be fulfilled. 

*Every Karito Kids Giving Girl comes with a special Giving Code.  When the code is entered at, the company will donate a percent of the purchase to Plan International, a charity that helps kids in need around the world.

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