Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Ken Clone, Ken #162, and His Twin

Circa 1980s Ken Clone "James"

A Ken clone sold without clothes and said to be named James arrived recently. Several years ago, I saw the same dollar-store-type Ken clone in a blog post by A Philly Collector of Playscale and Action Figures. Her doll has a darker complexion. I do not recall if her doll's name is James. The name Steve keeps popping up in my head, but that might be because I recently found another Ken clone named Steve.

James has a very broad nose. Based on this, I can safely assume this sculpt, marked MADE IN/CHINA on the back, was only used for Black dolls. He has a jointed waist.

Steve by Fibre-Craft and James

James is shown above with the Ken clone, Steve. Note the height difference. 

Recall from a previous post that I ordered two Ken Fashionista #162 dolls. My plan had always been to redress one and to keep the other in the package. That task has been completed and Steve was given Ken #162's clothes.

After dressing James, my first Ken clone by Jakks Pacific joined in to take a height comparison photo.

As illustrated above, at only 11 inches tall, James is the runt of the three Ken clones I currently own.


This is an appropriate redress for Ken #162

Ken #162 is redressed in a camouflage hoodie and pants made by LayleeMDollClothes. He temporarily continued wearing his yellow sneakers.

Profile headshots

Ken's brown painted eyes and his half-rooted and half-painted hair are illustrated in the above collage. The hair is rooted on the top and painted on the sides to create his low-top fade.

After redressing, he took photos with his fraternal twin, ZiZi (Zig and Zag Barbie Fashionista #57) as soon as her similar camo fashion arrived, which was purchased separately.

The Fraternal Twins Zack and ZiZi

Can you see the family resemblance?

Fashionista #162 (now named Zack) found white low-top Ken sneakers to wear. ZiZi wears red sneakers. They don't usually dress alike, but for the time being, they decided to wear similar fashions. 

Since Zack was no longer wearing his yellow sneakers, he gave them to James. 

ZiZi added earrings and a choker.

Claiming her independence, ZiZi wears jewelry and red sneakers to distinguish her outfit from her brother's. 

ZiZi's jewelry of a sunburst pendant on a black embroidery thread necklace and matching silver earrings were made a few years ago by Atelierni Shasha


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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