Monday, November 5, 2012

Big Jim and Big Jack and Other Paper Doll Additionss

Big Jim and Big Jack Play Figures with Sports Outfits paper doll book, 1988

The paper dolls included here were purchased in September from the same eBay paper doll seller, (Dovey) who often sells paper dolls of color.  I wanted the Big Jim and Big Jack paper doll book because I collect black paper dolls and because I own Mattel's Big Jack doll.  

The Big Jim and Big Jack paper doll book includes the two 9-inch paper dolls with stands and four fashion pages, each containing two fashions for Big Jim and two for Big Jack.  This Whitman book was published in 1988 by Western Publishing Company Inc. and originally sold for 79 cents.  Big Jim and Big Jack are registered trademarks of Mattel, 1976.  I paid roughly $7 and some change while other eBay sellers were offering the same uncut version for as much as 40-something dollars -- proof that you really have to be selective with eBay purchases and compare prices. 

Dovey had the following two diverse paper doll books on eBay at the same time Big Jim and Big Jack's book was offered.

Dollies go 'round the World paper doll book, 1971

Dollies go 'round the World includes three, nameless, 7-inch push-out dolls with stands (a dark-skinned girl, a blonde, and a redhead). The dolls can share the several pages of colorful costumes and wigs representing Greece, Japan, West Africa, Algeria, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, Belgium, Netherlands, Thailand, Scotland, Spain, Egypt, Canada, Philippines, Norway, France, Italy, Hawaii, and Peru.  Published by James and Jonathan, Inc. 1971, this paper doll book had an original price of 29 cents and probably served as an excellent social studies tool for 1970s little ones who owned it.

The Trend-Setters paper doll book by Alina M. Kolluri, 2006

The Trend-Setters is an autographed paper doll cut-out book by Alina M. Kolluri (I believe she is Dovey, the eBay seller from whom the book was purchased).  The book includes four, 6-inch female paper dolls of diverse ethnicities and eight sheets of colorful, trendy fashions representing their different cultures.  Raven is African American.  Daisy is a redhead.  Jade is brunette and Summer is blonde.


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  1. I enjoyed seeing the Big Jack paper doll book. I miss those action figures even though they were short because they focused on sports and adventure rather than military pursuits.

  2. I appreciate that Big Jim and Big Jack are sports enthusiasts, too. Taller than 9-1/2 inches would have been nice. Mattel may have been competing with Mego's smaller-in-height action figures of that era.


  3. Hello from Spain: I really like the paper dolls. When I was a child I had a large collection. I spent hours dressing paper dolls. We keep in touch.

  4. Big Jim and Jack are buff! I don't remember seeing anything like that as a kid, but actually I was in my 20's in '88 so I probably wouldn't have paid any attention to them.

  5. I enjoy learning about black paper dolls. I did not know that the Big Jack was a paper doll. I do have the action figure and like you, I wish he was taller.


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