Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Matoka's New Dress

Waiting for me in my PO Box yesterday was a package from doll friend, Betty A.  The package included a note card along with a dress for one of my child-size dolls.  Betty wrote, "Somehow my desire to sew has returned.  The outfit I've sent is an example of my return to sewing."

It is a lovely cranberry red dress with cap sleeves.  Betty also sent photographs of one of her Himstedt dolls modeling several other dresses she has been inspired to sew.

Preparing to redress her, I undressed Elisabeth Lindner's doll, Tamina, only to discover that a portion of her upper arms is cloth.  The cloth portion would be exposed if she were to wear the new dress.  

Tamina by Elisabeth Lindner

The lucky redressed girl is Annette Himstedt's Matoka. The dress fits her to a "T."

Matoka and her new dress (she's holding Jamilla by Wendy Lawton); Jamilla's yellow dress matches the yellow sheer ribbon of Matoka's dress.

This well-mannered young lady was allowed to stand in the chair for this picture; otherwise, she knows standing in chairs is a no-no.

Matoka is one of the few dolls that I redress during the Christmas season.  She is now several weeks early for Christmas thanks to doll-friend, Betty, whose sewing is flawless!  

Thank you, Betty!


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  1. Matoka is gorgeous and so is Tamina. That was really sweet of your friend Betty to send you such a lovely gift. It is perfect for the holidays.

  2. What a wonderful surprise. Both your dolls are beautiful. That dress is perfect for the holiday and perfect on your Matoka.

  3. Oh my goodness, Matoka looks like a real child! When I first saw her I thought, "Wait, what? I thought this was for a doll." That dress is amazing too.

  4. Thanks ladies. Honesty I had no clue which doll would wear this dress when I opened it up in my car. I actually thought it was an extra dress made by the people who make Annette Himstedt's doll clothing -- it is made so well. It wasn't until I read Betty's note that I discovered she made it.

    I haven't touched my big girls in such a long time and did enjoy figuring out which doll would wear it. I am glad Matoka is the chosen one. She was my last Himstedt doll purchase (2005). The big girls are too big for me to manipulate these days. I used to live for redressing them often... brought back memories.


  5. Matoka is lovely and so is the dress. Her red shoes are the icing on the cake!

    1. Thanks, Paulette.

      Dressing big dolls like Matoka reminds me of how I loved dressing my daughter, until she was old enough to develop her own fashion sense.


  6. This is a beautiful dress, and Matoka looks beautiful in it. What a sweet gesture from your friend.


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