Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dressed and Joined By

New Guy wears blue well

My newly identified guy was made by Ever Sparkle Industrial Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong, circa early 1990s.   Ms. Leo of I-Luv-Dolls provided this information and shared a link to hers.

According to Ms. Leo, Ever Sparkle formerly made a host of different toy types including action figures and playsets until 1996 when they changed their name to Ever Sparkle Technologies and geared their product line toward software, electronics, mechanical, industrial, and packaging, as well as graphic design.

I appreciate knowing New Guy's origin and have now dressed him in a Ken non-Fashionistas fashion.  He may be challenged height-wise, but his feet are longer and wider than Ken's.  I substituted the blue shoes that came with Ken's fashion for a pair of Nike-style sneakers that I had on hand. 

He and I scanned the loose (not as in morals) playscale female section of the doll room and decided he might pair well with Top Model Nikki

Will they develop any chemistry, ever?  Only time will tell.

Nikki, who agreed to be photographed, is not so sure she will be able to reciprocate his feelings for her.


Since this guy reminds me of a former junior high classmate,  I have named him Fred.  Fred, a shorter-than-me guy, was a drummer in the school band.   I played clarinet.   Fred's skills as a drummer were quite impressive, even in 8th or 9th grade.  He even had his own drum set.  I knew this because his younger sister Ava and I, both a year younger and one grade under Fred, were besties.  I think Fred may have had a fleeting crush on me.  I had a crush, too, but mine was on one of Fred's classmates, an older, much taller guy.  Ava was attracted to this other guy, too.  I recall our mothers finding it entertaining that we could be interested in the same boy and not allow our feelings for him to interfere with our friendship.  I suppose that was easy because this other guy would not give either of us the time of day.

Years later I learned Fred went on to become a drummer for the band, Lakeside.  Not sure what happened to the other guy and frankly my dear... well, you know the rest.  


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  1. Fred looks great in his new togs and I enjoyed the story about your Junior High school crushes.

  2. Cute story! Drummer for Lakeside, huh? Nice. I like Fred. He's not as short as I originally imagined. Loose Nikki (lol) is giving him the infamous, "I don't know about you", look.

  3. Great finding out about him. He is so giving Nikki that sideways glance "mmm, not sure about him" look LOL.
    Love Fred's outfit! It totally fits him.

  4. Your playscale Fred is cute, but I don't think Nikki is having him, lol. Then again, that Nikki doll looks askance at everyone, lol. Time will tell though as you say.

  5. Hello from Spain: wow, wow ... I like Fred. He is very handsome Ken's clothes. Keep in touch

  6. I love Fred in the blue! I don't have that sweater. I have to keep my eyes open for it. These Fred type guys surpise you! Right now Nikki has a chance at Fred. In the future, she might have to stand in line! Great story.

  7. Loved your story. Nikki has much attitude. Perhaps Fred should have chosen one of the giirls with less attitude. Lol! He Looks all nice and cool in his blue attire.

    I think I have this guy. Did he come in fatigues?

    1. Hi GG,

      "Fred" was nude when I found him (sounds kind of racy, I know).

      I did find an image from a past eBay auction that included an AA figure by ES Toys dressed in fatigues.$(KGrHqZ,!oIFB(p6C2ZKBQZ,C)ZT5w~~60_57.JPG

  8. Love when our dolls "tell" something about our own personal history.
    I almost can say that I'll be able to share the deep truth of some of my dolls LOL...but I'm still not quite sure about this.
    Fred is interesting.Has a nice face mold that makes him looks as a vintage doll.I sincerely don't think he is the one for Nikki.Maybe because she is a beloved "girl" and we feel as parents never thinking the guys deserve her LOL.But..let's the guys decide it with time...LOL!!

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments. It's amazing how Fred became Fred and wrote this story.

    I dressed him the day before I wrote the initial paragraphs and left the post in draft mode. After dressing him and photographing him both inside and out to get the best pictures, finally deciding on the inside photos because the outside ones were not much better, I had the opportunity to study his face which jogged my memory of the real Fred and my friendship with his sister.

    I attended that jr. high school for only a year and a half which is why my friendship with Ava did not last longer. I lived out of district, miles away from the school and Ava. I had used a former neighbor's address in order to attend.

    During the 1st semester of 8th grade, the administration found out I lived out of district and forced me return to my home school. I remember the principal calling me to his office and personally informing me that I had to return. I cried and begged him to allow me to stay. My tears and pleas did not help. Even after being nominated and winning 7th grade princess, and being nominated again in 8th grade and becoming the third place runner up for the title, I could not stay. Rules were rules and I had broken one.

    It was my mother's idea for me to attend in order to meet new people since the school in our neighborhood was a 12-year school that I had attended since 4th grade. It was in 7th grade that I met Ava and Fred but sadly had to return back to the 12-year school a year and a half later.

    Today, Fred probably doesn't remember me, but I remember him and his talent. Ava was a fashionista and a very pretty girl. She and Fred were polar opposites.

    Writing this gave me a better understanding of how easy it is to create stories using dolls that resemble or have characteristics of people we have encountered during different phases of our lives.

    It was fun going back down memory lane.


    PS Nikki and Fred's time together was also short lived. It did not extend beyond their photograph session. Maybe I'll buy him a drum set. :-)

  10. He's looking daper. It's too bad that he and Nikki didn't work out.

  11. I hope they have chemistry...they look great :)

    1. Hey Moon Goddess -- Fred is single. It didn't work.



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