Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sandy's Land Presents the 2013 Detroit Doll Show

Sandy's Land Entertainment
The 2013 Detroit Doll Show

Saturday, December 14, 2013

at the

Dr. Charles H. Wright Museum
315 E. Warren Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202

1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST

$5 Admission

for ages three & up

There will be a tribute to Bryon Lars in honor of his Treasures of Africa Barbie Collection, vendors, doll swap, arts & crafts, a variety of workshops, doll look-a-like contest, give-a-ways, and showing of Why Do You Have Black Dolls by Samantha Knowles. 

Program Participants:

Author, Expert and Black Doll Enthusiast
Debbie Garrett
(slideshow and telephone interview)

Natalie "Creative Adventure Mom" Durham
Sponsor of the Doll Die Cut Project

Zawadi, Fiber Artist Extraordinaire

Terry Crawford, President
Motor City Doll Club

Dolls by MonTQ 
 (Tanya Montegut)

Sueded couple by Tanya Montegut of Dolls by MonTQ

(Tea & Doll Design $20)

stay tuned for updates

Ticket Admission           $5.00               
Vendor Table                $50.00            
Ad for Handout             $20.00
To sign up for the event as a attendee or vendor, visit 




  1. Wow, sounds like fun! I wish that I could be there. I love that sueded couple!

    1. I think it will be a fun event, Roxanne.

      I love this sueded couple, too. I moved them from the doll room to a living room end table where I have African fertility dolls and a thumb piano. My husband moved them back to the doll room. Playing "silent" musical chairs or a game of chess with dolls as the chessmen, I moved them back to the end table in the living room. His last move placed them in the dining room. He doesn't like dolls in the LR and this is his way of expressing this displeasure. Understandable, but I thought they blended in nicely with the fertility dolls. We're at a stalemate... as long as he doesn't move them again.

    2. I think that those dolls would look very nice on that end table, Debbie! They are art. I had to LOL at your silent game of chess. Me and my husband have played, but for a different reason. He felt that his Ricord figure was in danger of being opened by me (it was until I got my own). He silently moved Ripcord into his office. I then moved Ripcord back into the play room and placed him back on display with my other boxed dolls. My husband silently moved Ripcord back to the office, I moved him back to the play room and my husband made one final move. He took Ripcord out of the play room and hid him, and I have not seen Ripcord since (it's been over a year now). Checkmate.

    3. Your description of you and your husband's Ripcord moves made me laugh out loud, Roxanne. His final move was brilliant!


  2. Thank you Black Doll Enthusiast for sharing. You are so AWESOME!

    1. You are welcome, Sandy! I will do what I can, when I can to help promote doll shows where the black doll is the feature attraction! Gotta keep the celebration going and their relevance known.



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