Saturday, August 16, 2014

More of Linda's Dolls for Sale

In June and July I published four separate posts of dolls that Linda Hayes is selling.  This post includes additional dolls she desires to sell.  Again, if interested in purchasing any of Linda's dolls; or if you need additional information, please contact Linda directly.  Her contact information is included at the end of this post.

Dolls in the above photo are:
Crystal-$35 (standing 11-1/2-inch fashion doll)
Seated on bottom:  Daddy Long Legs Skipper-$60 and Squirt-$60
Seated in chair:  Daddy Long Legs Faith-$60, Sissy-$45, Tina-$45, Baby Hannah-$40


The eight dolls in this second photo are described as "oldies but goodies."  They are priced at $10 each or $60 for the entire lot.


Shindana group, shown above:  Baby Zuri, Kimmie Bride (sold), Baby Janie, Dee Bee; all original, no boxes, $35 each or $95 for the whole group!


Dolls 1-9 below are deboxed, vintage dolls; doll 10 has original box, but does not work; pictures of these available upon email request.
1.      Eegee baby, 1971-$10

2.      Lorrie girl, 1971-$10

3.      Horsman baby-$5

4.      Daisy Kingdom-$15

5.      Another Tanline Crystal $35

6.      Sebino baby boy-$20

7.      Venus Williams-$10

8.      Serena Williams-$10

9.  Remco Baby Grow a Tooth-$25
10. Winking Winnie w/box, does not work - $25  
Dolls 1-8 $100 for the group; the two Remcos $40 if sold together.

For additional information, pictures of dolls not shown, to make arrangements to purchase, or to inquire about other dolls that might possibly be available, please contact Linda Hayes by email:



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