Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mel's Mo

Found stuff

This quick photo-sharing post illustrates the easy Mohawk hairstyle created with the Afro wig Melrose (Moxie Teenz) wears.

She needs dangle earrings, was my initial thought after the wig was placed.  None were available at the time, but I found a pink pair of stud earrings that would have to do until I could either make or purchase dangle earrings.

A day or so later, still unable to "see" the pink studs due to the fibers of the wig, I lifted and wrapped a clear elastic band around the back center section of the wig.  This lifted the sides away from her ears.  That section was fluffed out with my fingers as necessary to create the Mohawk hairstyle.  Side curls dangle to cover Mel's blond sideburns.  She looks a little edgy now.

Mel's Afro-wig turned Mohawk

This post remained in draft mode for several days due to circumstances beyond my control:  life, taxes, death... all in that order.  During that period, while driving home, my husband saw a wooden jewelry box on the side of the road.  He stopped the car and retrieve it.  The lid has a heart shaped center opening that was covered with a cracked piece of stained glass.  As illustrated in the first image of this post, the jewelry box is otherwise in excellent condition.  It contains several pieces of costume jewelry including a pair of dangle earrings that are perfect for Mel, who models them with her BFF Bijou below in close-up and full-length photos.

Mel shows off her new-to-her dangle earrings with her BFF Bijou.

The two lovely young ladies take one final photo.


Life:  The past several days have been very hectic with deadlines to meet, orders to fill, and unexpected occurrences.

Taxes:  I received a letter in the mail from the IRS to inform me of a $26 and change underpayment of my 2013 income taxes.  I am not complaining; my tax debt could have been more.

Death:  A person I have known for almost 40 years passed away this past Saturday.  This was quite shocking because, while I knew she had been ill for an extended period, I did not know her condition had taken a turn for the worse which ultimately caused her untimely demise.  It still seems so very surreal. 




  1. Mel looks great with the hair-do and earrings - Bijou looks lovely too :-). Sorry to read about your friend.

  2. Love Mel's new hairdo and the found earrings. Sorry to hear of your loss.

  3. What a shock to suddenly lose someone who has "always" been there. It shifts your inner life around. Try to get some contemplation time if you can, to let your internal order settle down again, and your spirit to recover.

  4. It's always weird when someone you are used to or know of passes away, especially if they are your age. Really makes you reflect.

    Good looking Mohawk!

  5. sorry for your loss. the girls look great. they are ready for a date.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. Melrose looks cute in her new style and her earrings. She and Bijou look adorable together.

  7. Ladies,

    Thank you for your condolences and for the compliments on Mel's Mohawk. I contemplated naming Mel after my friend because, except for the blue eyes, they share the same complexion and T's natural hair before it turned white and before she began wearing it short, was the texture of Mel's. But I think Mel will be Mel and I will remember T as she was when she left here way too soon.


  8. So sorry to hear about your friend. Makes you realize just how precious our time is with our loved ones.

    I'm amazed that your husband saw that jewelry box from the road and that he stopped to pick it up. Apparently, Mel was meant to have those earrings. She looks really cute with her new hairdo.


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