Sunday, January 11, 2015

Congratulations to Stacey McBride and Others

So in Style Day to Nite Trichelle and Prettie Girls Cynthia Bailey are 2015 Fashion Doll Awards nominees!

Two dolls by Stacey McBride have been nominated in two separate categories of Doll's 2015 Fashion Doll Awards

The following categories include dolls originally designed by McBride:

Best Playline Fashion Doll
Barbie So In Style Day to Nite Trichelle* (Mattel)

Best Celebrity Fashion Doll
Cynthia Bailey (Prettie Girls)

Voting, which is done in survey style, is now open to the public.  Fashion dolls are not the only nominees.  Best fashion doll bloggers, repaint artists, corporate sellers, and other categories are also included.  See all categories and nominees in print here and take the survey/cast your votes here.

*The So In Style dolls were originally designed by Stacey McBride prior to her departure from Mattel in 2010.  The line continued after her departure.  The nominated S.I.S. doll is one of the last Trichelle offerings in the S.I.S. line, which has now been retired by Mattel.




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